May 02


Found this from internet.

The following is a message of gratitude for those on the recieving end of sex.

Thank you for always arching your back and putting your best cheek forward
Thank you for keeping your ass nice and clean
Thank you for letting us continue fucking you even after you’ve already came
Thank you for going through the pain/discomfort the first 2-3 times before you loosen up
Thank you for letting us screw up the first time yet continuing to come back for more
Thank you for laying there and taking it like a man when encountering those of us well endowed tops
Thank you for putting yourself at great risk for our pleasure when you occasionally let us cum in your ass
Thank you for not saying anything when we’re new and we flop on top of you like a fish out of water
Thank you for letting us cum on your back
Thank you for moaning even when we’re not pleasing you at all
And most Importantly Thank you for being bottoms! if it weren’t for you gay life would not be nearly as pleasurful as it is.

written by Pinewood Design

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