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Elave skin care products are being promoted by Irish company Ovelle Pharmaceuticals in a risque viral campaign featuring nude actors. A blonde woman, without clothes, tells the viewer about the safe quality of Elave skin care products, developed with the most reactive skin conditions in mind; eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. Lab technicians , male and female, in the background wander around totally naked, apparently without any sense of self-consciousness.

The video, featuring nude women and men, is online at The Elave web site states, “We stand behind our skin care products, so much so that we are prepared to go naked to prove it.” Viewers are asked to indicate that they are 18 or over. No doubt versions used in television broadcasting will be censored in some way – which would make it difficult to say ‘nothing to hide’.

Responses to the Elave campaign are just starting to filter on to the internet. Some say that this is gratuitous nudity, an unnecessary attempt to get the attention of online viewers. Others tip their hats to the courage and nerve of the company to take the risk. There is certainly a link between the sensitive skin angle and the exposure of breasts and genitals – the body parts most sensitive. The actors in the ad do not exhibit any ’sexual behaviour’ towards one another, though it could be argued that the woman with the test tube is playing with innuendo.

The Elave Nothing To Hide campaign was developed by Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand. Filming (in New Zealand) was directed by Brendan Donovan via Prodigy, New Zealand. Post production was done at Images Post. Film crew also went nude to put the cast at ease.

Joanna Gardener, of Ovelle Pharmaceuticals, appears in the advertisement, behind a laptop.

“As a mother of three children, I didn’t think I was the right choice for the front of the advert so we went for someone a bit easier on the eye,” Ms Gardener told The Daily Mail on Saturday.

Ovelle has seen a 500 per cent rise in sales, both online and in the High Street, since the campaign was launched on May 5.

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28 Responses to “elave – nothing to hide – (nudity)”

  1. 1. joe Says:

    I have skin problems , and this site I found real advise !

  2. 2. Joanna Hammond Says:

    odinitic nervate strumiprivous coral urobilinuria oophytic supernally subdepartment

  3. 3. Scottie Finley Says:

    Reformed University Fellowship – Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL)

  4. 4. John Says:

    Best commercial ever!!! Gorgeous blond presenter!!! All advs should be made like this!!!

  5. 5. Aleks Says:

    Cool Blonde!

  6. 6. dpm Says:

    a great ad and her absolutely beautiful natural body complements this advert all the more. plus she is so confident and comfortable presenting the product and herself it puts the icing on the cake, most have done wonders for the product. the natural look is the best look…..

  7. 7. JD Says:

    Who is the main actress?

  8. 8. Tanhu Says:

    If you are healthy and young,ofcourse nothing to hide! because it’s our body,
    and our nature! Thanks to everyone on this site! have a nice day! TANHU

  9. 9. Matt Says:

    I think it’s great to see all that embraces the naked human form. Nothing to hide is exactly that…and what better way to demonstrate it. So what if we all come in different shapes and sizes. There’s absloutley nothing more natural than nakedness. And to all of the prudes out there whom suggest that it’s wrong…get a life and wake up!! There’s more to worry about in life than to get all bent out of shape over an ad with naked people in it.

    Lets just hope that the product stands up to it.

  10. 10. Deaney Says:

    Her name is Tyler-Jane Mitchell from the well known NZ show Outrageous Fortune

  11. 11. Hipolito M. Wiseman Says:

    A thoughtful insight and ideas I will use on my blog. You’ve obviously spent some time on this. Well done!

  12. 12. Mrs.Taylor Says:

    I couldnt take my eyes off that gorgeous well hung stud in the back ground…..OH MY! I will be thinking of that the next time I sunbath nude in my back yard!

  13. 13. Kori Nery Says:

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  14. 14. eduardo sousa do nascimento Says:

    i liked this video ”the nude people” , i would like may watch much more please down scenes this video again and again. ok?

  15. 15. Heather Says:

    Humans are not meant to wear clothes!

  16. 16. Olaf Says:

    This is the best ad I’ve ever seen. Why can’t we have more like this? Naturell nudity does not need to hide.

  17. 17. Gary J. Mallast Says:

    The most beautiful commercial I have ever seen.

  18. 18. aqil Says:

    salam saqol

  19. 19. Andy Says:

    Great ad very well done, not cheap or tacky. A breath of fresh air and sanity in a world gone “political correctness” mad.

  20. 20. mr Says:

    I agree with Andy, but it is a shame Tyler Jane doesn’t turn around. She is such a gorgeously plump beauty! Am I not the only one jealous of the cameraman?

  21. 21. Lizette Backen Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the eye cream… it has been my best find ever!!!! I have got so many of my friends using it now!!!

  22. 22. Sparrow Says:

    Wonderful commercial, but…I find it weird and self-hating to rip out all your body hair like that. Humans have hair – why deny it?

  23. 23. Andy V Says:

    I do not suffer from any allergies or have any skin problems. I do not use any cosmetics apart from soap, but I do remember a product called “Elave” that I had never heard of before. Congratulations on a clever advertisement that worked on me and many more people who miss the point.

  24. 24. Butch Says:


  25. 25. Steven Says:

    I love this commercial! For me, the best thing is that the blonde beauty has a totally and cleanly shaved pussy AND you can see this really good… But I also love her absolutely pretty face including her blue eyes and her beautiful lips; her voice and her accent is very nice, too. It’s really really great that neither herself nor the producers of the commercial had a problem with presenting a hairless vulva! And as you can see in the clip, the other men and women showing everything between “hairy”, “partially shaved” and “totally shaved”.

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