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Digital Photography: Winner
Sean Teegarden
Art Center College of Design

True Character





Sean Teegarden was born, raised, and home schooled in Downey, California, by two awesome parents. From a young age, Sean had a camera in his hands and on many occasions became frustrated with capturing a finger in the lens, covering his artistic compositions. Graduating high school early, Sean went to Cerritos College where he developed his love of photography in the darkroom. His inspiration for imagery comes from experiences in the Boy Scouting Program, his religious background, and love of 1950’s television. Currently, Sean is attending Art Center College of Design. He will graduate in December and work towards attaining his dream job.

Communication objective
It is said that the masters of old would paint in the flaws on their subjects as a finishing touch, a method of making paintings real. In this series, I made true characteristics of these people blatantly apparent. I wanted viewers to see every little detail that many would call flaws — I see them as True Character.

Tools used
Using the file’s Red, Green, and Blue Channels, I found which color contained the most contrast that enhanced the important details. I copied the information and pasted it into new layers. I used a series of blend modes and layer masks to bring out striking detail and retain great value and color. I employed burn/dodge layers to emphasize shadows and finally employed sharpening and blurring to make every little “Character” jump off the page.

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