Mar 12


New Globe Sinclair Coverage

New National Enquirer Sinclair Coverage

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  1. 1. Your Worstnightmare Says:

    What a pathetic lowlife. Get a job and a life. How much is Bill Clinton paying you?

  2. 2. ss Says:

    Shame on you for printing this at all. This election will show how racist and hateful this nation is. Or, it could unify us. We are going down the tubes right now with Bush, Mc Cain and yes, Hillary. We have a chance to choose a upstanding American who happens to be a black man. I don’t believe a decent person like Obama has a chance in this stupid, ignorant country. I wish i could leave here. It is so sick. Even the media is sick. They will spend their time trying to drag him through s—.

  3. 3. MatanoKing Says:

    They will surely gather but they will fall for President to be Barack Obama’s sake.

  4. 4. Lester D.K. Chow Says:

    The reason why I oppose the Obama candidacy is because Obama falsely represents himself. He says that he is for change and against the war, but in fact when you examine the issues he is not against the war but rather in favor of it.

    Obama has no integrity and Larry Sinclair called him on this one issue. Obama REFUSED to outwardly deny Larry Sinclair’s allegations, which proved to be true.

    Obama claims to be a negotiator and can deal with foreign nations and terrorist, yet when confronted with the facts, his lack of experience and his being without any knowledge of foreign affairs the man completely shuts down in denial.

    He then refuses any further correspondence and his watch dogs are then sicked against you.

    Rather than to defend Barack Obama, his supporters should demand the truth from Obama.

    My firm was the political negotiation firm that negotiated an end to the Iraq War in 1990. Bush and his people had the truth silence and my budding business went from the possibility of earing a million and a half to zero dollars.

    We tried to present this material to Barack Obama, who REFUSED to listen and learn what the Iraq War is really about. We, also, sent out over 800 press releases, but the media refused to publish the story allowing the Bush administration to proceed with an illegal war.

    When Barack Obama could come out a winner, he chose to close his eyes and ears to the truth without giving me a chance to explain. If this is the kind of President that Barack Obama is going to be…untruthful and without any integrity…then he should never be President.

  5. 5. Lester D.K. Chow Says:

    Obama wants the glory without ever working hard for it. He has no knowledge of US foreign affairs and he does not want to learn or to hear truth from others. He claims to be a change agent for our nation, for changes that our nation needs, but he closes his eyes to truth and slanders others (dismisses others), so he will not have to deal with them.

    It’s about time that the media prints the real truth behind Barack Obama. He could be avoiding all of this by simply working with people, like myself, who really and sincerely believe in changing our nation.

    We should be building our nation, rather than tearing it down.

    IF Larry Sinclair’s allegations are true, and I believe that they are, Barack Obama should acknowledge that they are true and dismiss himself from his candidacy! Yes? I certainly think so. Too bad Oprah!

    We have a war to fight and I would rather win it with all of America, then to see America divided.

    1. Ending the Iraq War means an indictment of the Bush administration.
    2. Making peace with Iran means taking a truthful stand on all Middle East issues.
    3. Dealing with China means that we allow for a democratic run China, rather than to prevent China from becoming a democracy.

    Electing a good American President is crucial to our nations very survival, Barack Obama has chosen to alienate China and to make an enemy of her head of state. Is this the healer and uniter, we all waited for? The one, chosen one, who is going to help us bring about the change we seek?

    Where are these stupid ideas coming from and why are there so many whites supporting this clown?

  6. 6. Lester D.K. Chow Says:

    My family’s website:

    The website that outlines what I believe in:
    A Tribute to JFK

  7. 7. General Grant Says:

    Mossad is after Obama. That’s funny. You know, the French has a sitting president that was about to face criminal charges, and no one expected him to win another election. But then, the “left” mysteriously self imploded and a right wing extremist was presented center stage as the main contender. People held rallies around the world and the criminal got reelected.

    The mind control of the elite over the globa masses is phenomenal. It nearly permits a cautions sort of admiration for the cunning of the masters of the global sheeple.

  8. 8. VANITY Says:

    Poor Obama-bots
    They remind me of those Michael Jackson nutty fans that think he is a innocent child molester

  9. 9. FIREHOUSE Says:

    Obama is a Fraud! I can not understand the obamabots level of loyalty for this man who has lied about everything from never being in the church to, plagiarizm, to Rezco only donated 60K, since then it’s 250K and counting, being in the church for 20 years and not knowing what went on there. Lies about his father, when he was born, who his father was, his uncle, who liberated the jews, who now wears a flag on his lapel,He will not win in November! He has played the race card right from the start. Geraldine Ferrarro was exactly right. He will be known as the affirmative action nominee, and it is a shame for America.

  10. 10. Lester D.K. Chow Says:

    1. Everything said in this blog via the Globe and National Enquirer is true except Barack Obama being an Iranian agent. In the past, I never believed in these supermarket tabloids, but I do know something about Obama and about the Obama-Sinclair scandal. When I read these tabloids, in my very amazement, I found them to be absolutely true and right on the money with respect to their accuracy!

    2. I would like to post some of my family generated websites:

    We have asked major news media networks to cover our story:

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