Apr 16


JK Rowling was almost in tears when she appeared in a U.S. court this week to stop a fan, Steve Vander Ark, publishing a lexicon of Harry Potter.

Rowling has enjoyed Mr Vander Ark’s Potter website in the past, but she now claims that if he brings out a printed version it will be “wholesale theft” and the thought is making her so upset she finds it hard to write.

Come again? After seven international bestsellers, has JK finally lost the plot? “I don’t want to cry, because I’m British,” she sniffed.

Darling, if you were being really British you’d have stayed at home and not made such a fuss.

Harry Potter¬†Lexicon’s open letter¬†to JK Rowling

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One Response to “JK, You lost the plot”

  1. 1. Doug Dick Says:

    Check out Rowlings Twitter pals and their disgusting trolling of innocent people .

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