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Disney Heroes – Troy Bolton

Disney Heroes – Will Turner

Disney Heroes – Tarzan 2

Disney Heroes – Sitka

Disney Heroes – Hercules

Disney Heroes – John Henry

Disney Heroes – Hercules 2

Disney Heroes – Dr. Sweet

Disney Heroes – David

Disney Heroes – Jim Hawkins

Disney Heroes – John Smith

Disney Heroes – Kocoum


Disney Heroes – Milo J. Thatch

Disney Heroes – Prince Eric

Disney Heroes – Prince Phillip

Disney Heroes – Phoebus

Disney Heroes – Shang

Disney Heroes – Tarzan

Disney Heroes – Thomas

Disney Heroes – Aladdin

Disney Heroes – Prince Edward

Disney Heroes – Emperor Kuzco

Disney Heroes – Peter Pan

Disney Heroes – Narnian Kings

Disney Heroes – Prince Adam

Disney Heroes – Prince Naveen

Disney Heroes –

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3 Pings to “The Disney Heroes – remarkable art from David Kawena on Deviantart”

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    Couldn?t be written any better. Reading this fill someone in on reminds me of my erstwhile lodge crony! He eternally kept talking about this. I commitment forward this article to him. Charming unshakable he ordain be experiencing a company read. Thanks…

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98 Responses to “The Disney Heroes – remarkable art from David Kawena on Deviantart”

  1. 1. José Roberto Rodrigues Says:

    What a sensational idea!
    Very beautifull work!!!

  2. 2. Genevieve Simoneau Says:

    WOW I was wondering when someone was going to make this Disney heros sexy. MORE MORE I really like John Smith and Phoebus

  3. 3. Laura Says:

    These are amazing… seriously amazing…

  4. 4. angel Says:

    your still missing the beauty and the beast prince
    i like him better
    come on draw him too.

  5. 5. Karm Says:

    Love them but I agree with angel you got to have the beast!!!! He’s my favorite!

  6. 6. bob Says:

    what about prince charming?!

  7. 7. tomoyotsukihiro Says:

    Wow! I really admire your work!!! ♥♥♥

  8. 8. Ivan Says:

    my favourite one is prince Eric (L)
    I think Prince Kuzco would be interesting to 😀
    Congratulations for an amazing work

  9. 9. rocket Says:

    woooow my god never see something like that b4 i knw how 2 draw but no like u
    i can draw real people face but a amazing wow

  10. 10. Miranda Says:

    ooooh my god there soo hunky, the best one is prince phillip, such a shame that i cant see his abs

  11. 11. Shamsideen the Great Says:

    hi, i am an admirer of your work. I was just wondering did you design the bodies basing on a model or from your imagination. I was extremely impressed with Alladin character

  12. 12. shahazad Says:

    hey what happened with Simbad:(

  13. 13. ddd Says:

    sao todos bons so que ficavam melhores sem cuecas

  14. 14. Maioous Says:

    OMG! I love you work!! It’s amazing!! =)

  15. 15. Gia Says:

    Would you be able to do the beast after he hurned into a Prince, He’s the hottest out of all the princes with those sudductive/pearcing blue eyes!! lol
    Nice job of prince eric by the way, Identical. I like what you did on prince philip, put a whole new light on what he would look like!!

  16. 16. Nicoletta Says:

    Prince Phillip!!!
    nice bottom!

  17. 17. :) Says:


  18. 18. Aurora Knight Says:

    These Heros are unacceptable. they are wearing nothing but underwear. Shame on Them. I give it a Boo and throw Tomatoes except my Friend [ Phoebus]

  19. 19. Gabby Says:

    I’m just upset that all of the white guys have tiny dicks. That’s a little racist.

  20. 20. legolasfbs Says:

    where is snow white prince?? or cinderella’s prince??

  21. 21. Lou Says:

    you should draw prince caspian, peter pevensie, and Gaston from beauty and the beast

  22. 22. joey Says:

    hot hot !!!
    double hot!!!

  23. 23. sara Says:

    why does aladdin look gay? but the rest are really good

  24. 24. Ronald Says:

    master! I’ll never reach you level
    why don’t you draw the Beast when he transfroms back to Prince?
    that would be perfect

  25. 25. Elena Says:

    Very beautiful..
    but, the prince charming of Snowwhite??
    he’s my favourite
    (sorry for the mistakes, but I’m italian ^^”)

  26. 26. vero Says:

    your gay princes are perfect !! bravo /// I m very impressed :)

  27. 27. Sam Says:

    Wow, your designs make me go wild. I wish they come alive.

  28. 28. Norma Rodríguez Says:

    WOW you’re so talented! really very nice job :)

    It’s weird they are in underware, but still the job of drawing bodies is not easy I think xD

    I agree you must draw the Beast as a prince and Kuzco as well, why not HAHAHA that’d be fun to watch, he’s so skinny xD

    Milo made me laugh, never thought he could look sexy BAHAHAHA

    Oh and my fave prince of Disney have always been Aladdin, it’s a shame he looks kind of gay in this drawing :/

  29. 29. udit pratap singh Says:

    it’s realy good, Your anatomy and color combination is perfect

  30. 30. jesse Says:

    alladin is sooooooooo hot i wish i could take out his cock and suck him dry and have him fuck me soo long and hard then i could give him a nice rim job and i would not mind if jim jhon and thomas got involved and it would be the best gay orgy ever

  31. 31. Carina Says:

    Could you please do the princesses too?

    These are incredible (not to mention really sexy)


  32. 32. Stefani Says:

    hahahahahahaha LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! XD super hot hahahaha

  33. 33. Tabs Says:

    WOW..these are wow…and Prince Eric is hubba. Always dreamed of him as my husband as a little kid lol

  34. 34. MP Says:

    who is David?!! I don’t know this character… ^^ Hope I could meet him one day !! :) but perfect work!! Those draws are fantastics!!! :p

  35. 35. Ilyana Says:

    Wow!! That is something else!! Haha!! Yeah seeing the princesses would be interesting!! Very goo work though!!

  36. 36. David Says:

    That is awesome! Very hot, My favorite one is Dr Sweet!

  37. 37. Di Says:

    John Smith and Aladdin, OH YESSS!
    There should be one made for all the disney Heroins too :]

  38. 38. Williana Says:

    Wow! This is the dirtiest version of disney i have ever seen lol! And its hot. Great job!

  39. 39. NA Says:

    oh my god. Make them real make them real! please please please! they’re better like that. and Kokoum…
    i’m mouthering… and the keyboard is glueing!

  40. 40. yo Says:

    and… the beast? (human)

  41. 41. John Says:

    of help! Who it is Thomas???

  42. 42. lindey ann Says:

    thats most sexy and phoebes

  43. 43. Hotzib Says:

    I like this!

    I want these guys to Calendar!
    Is it possible to purchase a from you?
    Can you contact the mail itself?

    Sincerely, a girl from Finland 😉

  44. 44. Christian Says:

    Wow… congratulations! you have exquisit work. I wish to learn this technique, it is simply awesome. Could you make any suggestions? any tutorials that could help??… if so, pleas reply.

    Thanx for your time, and congratulations once again. Peace.

  45. 45. Joseph Says:

    wonderful! masterpieces. :)

  46. 46. Belle Says:

    Hey, I really love this art!! It’s amazing!! But I have a question:
    To make the collection complete: is it possible to make on of The Beast? But in his human form I mean??

    thx a lot!! :-)

  47. 47. Bob Says:

    this is gay

  48. 48. SAYA Says:


  49. 49. Eli Says:

    I’m disturbed that I find these pictures so freaking hot, especially Prince Eric. What I would give for a night with Eric? Oh well, I’m going to go take a cold shower now.

  50. 50. carol Says:

    ohh boy… this is soo gay and sexy! I love this!

  51. 51. lucia Says:

    Thomas is John Smith’s friend in Pocahontas.
    also, what have you done? I’ll never be able to see these movies the same way again – at least not with out thinking “TAKE IT OFF!”.
    lol. i like it though, its very smooth,

  52. 52. echidna Says:

    So hot

  53. 53. Anseb Says:

    Incredibleee!!! *¬*

  54. 54. Derty Says:

    It’s really sexy! Specially Hercules and Aladdin

  55. 55. maddie Says:

    these are very nice pictures…haha. now only if they were real 😛

  56. 56. dasd Says:

    son muy gays estos tipos jajaja

  57. 57. craion Says:

    who is ‘David’ ?

  58. 58. Andrea Says:

    David is from Lilo and Stitch, I believe.

    Great work here, very impressive.

  59. 59. Cory Says:

    es impresionante las vergas de estos tipos, las mas grandes
    Aladin, Dr.Sweet, Sika, David

  60. 60. Gaia Says:

    OMG please do Dimitri from Anastasia! it may not be disney but it’s close enough, and he’d fit in so nicely to the collection.
    Nice work though, you’ve got talent for sure!

  61. 61. liam Says:

    wow, these are really sexy. well done! my personal favorite: Dr Sweet from john henry. would love to see more of him…

  62. 62. liam Says:

    meant to say: Dr Sweet AND John Henry. would love to see more of them…

  63. 63. Tina Says:

    omg these are amazing! But I think you should do Demetri off of Anastasia. Hes one of my favorites. I’m not sure if he is Disney but please make one of him!

  64. 64. Alymarie Says:

    WOW. It’s so hard to pick a favorite! I like Dr. Sweet, Tarzan, Sitka, John Henry/Smith, Kocoum, David, and Thomas. Oh and Phoebus! Jesus! That was…whew.

    I’m gonna go take a shower in water too cold for ice now.

  65. 65. Ashreyel Says:

    Miguel! And Tulio!

  66. 66. Momo Says:

    I think there should be a “human” version of Simba.
    All they need now is Naveen.

  67. 67. Akivia Says:

    That headshot of Tarzan reminds me of a Dwayne Johnson picture I saw on iballer.com.

  68. 68. Nekiko Says:

    Zac kinda ruins it for me.

    My overall fave is Kocoum.

  69. 69. clopinlover Says:

    wonderful work! my favourite is kuzco.
    but i feel like someone is missing, and its no one less then the og so charming clopin, what do you say about making a hot version of him!

  70. 70. BoomBamBaby Says:

    You made my day, amazing work!
    I vote for Clopin from The hunchback of Notre Dame aswell, he would make it complete! Or why not a smoking hot Tulio?<3

  71. 71. sabrinalovesdisneyboys:D Says:

    thank you
    THANK YOU!!!

  72. 72. Stephi_Gere_Clooney_Roth_Thyne Says:

    Fuck! They’re so damn hot! But my favourite is and will be Dimitri. Would be too much to ask you to draw him?
    Well done with Aladdin, melts me, and Phoebus!! Oh my Gosh!!
    I would love to see also Tulio or Miguel draws, Kuzco will be great 😉

    You’ve got a gift! Congratuations!

  73. 73. innessperet@yahoo.com Says:

    Aladdin looks like Joe Jonas.

  74. 74. among Says:

    Shang’s face looks a little odd though.
    But everything else loooks great! =D

  75. 75. Tiana Says:

    Great job!
    If you could draw Naveen and Dimitri from Anastasia – and the Beast when he’s still a beast, grrrrrrrrrr ^^, it would be perfect !
    Aladdin looks gay and Dr Sweet is way too… shaped ^^
    But who is John Henry?
    Aurora : don’t be jealous because your boyfriend is here =)

  76. 76. Tiana Says:

    Oï… I’ve checked DeviantArt’s profile of yours, and i saw Naveen – so sexy ! Congratulations, u’re really an amazing drawer – you should work for Disney !

  77. 77. sam Says:

    I think the head shots of tarzan and hercules are incredible well imagined but the beauty of the full body drawings i feel are sometimes undermined by the gratuitous nature of the pictures…..do they need to be quite so unclothed and quite so…..bulgy??

    I also think having some princesses in there would be awesome….so long as they were tasteful!

  78. 78. Tish Says:

    Great artwork! Just a simple request, if you could also make one for Flynn Rider… Thanks! ;]

  79. 79. lulu Says:

    Prince Naveen looks so yummy and Hercules looks so divine. I really like his face. Beautiful work.

  80. 80. lulu Says:

    It is funny that Sitka looks just like actor Dean Cain in the face, lol.

  81. 81. lulu Says:

    Troy and Will Turner look super gay. Why did he draw those two dorks.

  82. 82. Sammy Says:

    These are absolutely beautiful its put all my child hood heroes into these really sexy drawing how did you do that? :)

  83. 83. Roxy Says:

    Please do Hunchback of NotreDame!

  84. 84. S.J Says:

    ever thought about doing the princesses?

  85. 85. Sara Says:

    prince phillip wins.

  86. 86. Nicole Says:

    PLEEEEEEEEASE do the seven dwarves!!!!

  87. 87. Jennfier Says:

    What are the full words for these hebrew letters?

  88. 88. Tasha Says:

    Kudos to Mr. Kawena for making such wonderful artwork. True genius!
    Of all of the Disney fan art I’ve seen, this must be my favorite series. My favorite picture is of Prince Eric (love the mermaid tattoo!). I wonder what it would look like if he drew Disney girls in the same style…
    Looking foward to see more masterpieces from Kawena… And I’d love to see him do one of Flynn Rider from Tangled :)

  89. 89. Beni Says:

    This Artwork is AMAZING but did you have to make them all look so Gay?!?!
    I mean my 2 favorites are Hercules and Tarzan but couldn’t you give Hercules the Greek skirt rather then those gay panties, same with Tarzan.. the Cloth rather than the gay small boxer !! These are great drawings no doubt about it, but try not to lose the characters true origins from the film, cause it just loses its X factor!!

    Some Heroines will be nice!!

    And add BEAST from the beauty!!

  90. 90. valaina Says:

    my fave ones are Prince Eric, King Caspian and King Peter, and Prince Naveen. God, I could stare at your drawings all day long. ;D

  91. 91. anna Says:

    now that’s what i like to see – they are HOTT i would do them all :)

  92. 92. cliff Says:

    all i can say is wow ! do you sell your artwork for a living? i dont look at these characters as gay, just sexy and ready to romanticaly involved with their princesses. please email me at dreamer531980@yahoo.com if you would be willing to sell me a copy of each for a frame size of 11×14 ty cliff

  93. 93. Luke Says:

    These are flipping fantastic and SO tasty!
    Never EVER did I think I’d find that little old Peter Pan Attractive, he’s gorgeous to me now xD
    Aladdin and Jim Hawkins were always my favourites but now their looks have gone through the roof!
    And Troy with Prince Edward were stunning anyway but you’ve made them look like angels <3 LOVING Edward's butt there, HAWT!!!

  94. 94. Emma Says:

    You all need to realize that prince adam is the beast

  95. 95. Sean Higton Says:

    These are really good pieces of art! I used to think that Disney was just for kids but these paintings have changed my mind permanently. Can’t wait to see who you do next.

  96. 96. StunKill Says:

    Forget the princesses, we see to much of the female form already. Keep up the good work.

  97. 97. Sam Says:

    Omg. Hercules an John smith are gorgeous.

  98. 98. Neopets Says:

    I’ll immediately grab your rss as I can not find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please let me realize in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

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