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A blind man, a Girls Aloud reject and a former gang member move into the new Big Brother house

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A blind man, a sex-mad couple and a Girls Aloud reject are among the new housemates in the ninth series of the reality show, which launched on Thursday night. 

Age: 40
From: Warrington
Occupation: Sales rep for a beauty and tanning company

Former bodybuilder Lisa is one half of the first ever summer Big Brother couple.
The 40-year-old is dating fellow housemate Mario who once pawned his Rolex watch to buy her a boob job.
The couple met three years ago when Lisa, who believes in reincarnation, life after death, clairvoyants, ghosts, spirit guides, and universal dynamics, bought a crystal ball from Mario on ebay and met up with him to collect it.
Tanning rep and mum-of-one Lisa would love to have a bath with Westlife and says she’s often likened to Xena Warrior Princess describing herself as “like a magnet exerting powerful attraction”. 

Mario (real name Shaun)
Age: 42
From: Warrington
Occupation: Former Tag Officer at the Home Office

Sylvester Stallone lookalike Mario claims to have slept with more than 200 women and is the male half of the first ever summer series Big Brother couple.

A father-of-two girls Mario reckons his toned, athletic body to be his best asset regularly spends more than two hours getting ready for a night out.

Mario, real name Sean, had his heart broken when he was 18 by Miss Copenhagen, and says he and girlfriend Lisa are fitness-obsessed and have sex at least once every day.

He once was a stripping policeman on a myspace advertisement for hot tubs, and says he would like to re-incarnated as racing driver Lewis Hamilton.

Age: 20
From: Wigan
Occupation: Student, part-time pro-wrestling announcer

Murder She Wrote fan Luke is currently doing a Politics degree but his real love is wrestling.
Describing himself as eccentric, self-righteous, opinionated and judgemental, Tory supporting Luke has been involved in the North West wrestling scene as a ring announcer and referee since the age of 16.
He doesn’t smoke, drink, do drugs or swear and in 2005 he won an award for ‘Greatest Governor of a pro-wrestling company’.
Luke wear suits most days because it makes him feel empowered and loves his George at Asda Whistle and flute.
He reckons “controversy creates cash” and hopes his time in the Big Brother House will change people’s perception of students.

Age: 19
From: Liverpool
Occupation: Maths and Economics Student

Teenager Stephanie is no stranger to reality TV, having been a contestant on Popstars: The Rivals when she was just 13.
She reached the later stages of the show, but missed out on a chance to become a member of Girls Aloud after producers discovered she had lied about her age.
She now sings and plays guitar in a band called the Kinky Minks and hates people that accuse her of having a boob job, as her breasts are real.
She’s attracted to “fit, tall, dark and rich men” and once dated BB6 winner Anthony Hutton.

Age: 24
From: Torfaen, Wales
Occupation: English and Drama student, trainee teacher

Nicknamed “bossyboots” and “grotbags” former child actor Rachel featured alongside Hugh Grant in the film Night Train to Venice when she was eight years old.
She says Grant even organised her eighth birthday party while they filmed in Rome.
Home girl Rachel has performed in three other films and more than 20 commercials, but eventually stopped acting because she says she had to choose between acting and education, and Hugh Grant suggested she get her qualifications first.
A former local beauty pageant winner, fitness fanatic Rachel, who trains at the gym five times a week and runs 10 miles a week, went on to be crowned runner up in a Miss Wales competition the year Big Brother 7’s Imogen Thomas won.

From: Liverpool
Occupation: PE Teaching student/part-time student
Age: 21

As well as training to be a PE teacher, cocky scouser Dale is also a part-time DJ.
A massive footy fan, as a kid he had trials with Manchester United and Wigan Athletic.
He rates himself 10/10 for looks and believes his peers are often jealous of him.
Dale is described by his friends and family as friendly, funny but mostly arrogant, bigheaded and over confident.
He says he is going all out to win: “f*** taking part, no one remembers the losers”.

Age: 23
From: Edinburgh
Occupation: Dance student and teacher

Flamboyant Dennis says he lives for getting attention.
Dennis says if he could make any law, it would be that everyone must wear fake tan, and his dream job is to be a dancer and then perhaps a personal shopper.
In the Big Brother house, Dennis thinks fellow housemates would nominate him out of jealousy. He says he would stop at nothing to win a task, and there’s nothing he wouldn’t do in the house.

Michael (Mikey)
From: Ayshire, Scotland
Occupation: Radio Producer
Age: 33

Big Brother’s first ever blind housemate lost his sight at the age of 23 whilst undergoing an operation.
Describing himself as wacky, zany and non-conformist, Mikey, who has been blind for 10 years, loves to do stand-up comedy while dressed in girls’ clothes.
The 33-year-old works as a radio producer for a blind radio station called ‘Radio Insight’ and in 2007 was part of a team that won a Sony Radio Academy Award.

From: London
Occupation: Toy demonstrator at Hamleys
Age: 23

Hamleys toy demonstrator Mohammed describes himself as crazy, outgoing and fun and is a big comedy fan.
The flamboyant 23 year-old was born in Somalia and then moved to Kenya, Yeman, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya and Dubai before moving to the UK with his family.
Mohammed, who loves fit, curvy women with dark hair and blue or brown eyes, wants to win Big Brother so that his family can stay in the one place and make a proper home for themselves.

Age: 21
From: Coventry
Occupation: Kindergarten nurse

Rebecca loves being the centre of attention and says main aims in life is to be rich, famous and a little bit thinner.

Her great love is going out, having a good time with friends and dancing on tables.

Rebecca used to follow boybands around on tour, but her greatest musical love is the US group Hanson.
She says when she got Hanson merchandise for Christmas one year she thought it was the best thing ever to happen to her.
Politically she says she supports the Monster Raving Loony Party, but when it comes to bigger matters, she believes in unicorns more than she believes in anything else, including God.
Rebecca describes her personality as confident, annoying, and impulsive and thinks she would make a funny housemate. Annoyingly refers to herself in the third person as “The Bex”.

From: London
Occupation: Executive Chef
Age: 24

London socialite chef and businessman Rex’s three favourite things in life are food, money and success.

As a top chef at some of London’s most renowned restaurants Rex says he’s a “professional bully” and is forever being told to stop being “aggressive”.
Born into a successful family of restaurateurs, Rex’s proudest moment of his life so far is winning a cooking competition at his culinary training college.
He still lives at home with his family and has all his meals cooked for him by the family housekeeper.

Rex says he’s very lucky in love as all the girls he’s met have fallen in love with him.
He hopes his fellow housemates will include some blonde girls and admits he’ll go bonkers if there arent enough girls in the house.
Rex hopes that by going on Big Brother he’ll make new friends and let people get to know the real him by stripping away his usual comforts.
He doesn’t want to be nominated early for coming across too bigheaded or for squashing people’s personalities.
He would be happy to do the majority of the house cooking.

Age: 21
From: South London, originally Sierra Leone
Occupation: Student/Sales Assistant

Sylvia came to the UK when she was 11 after her family fled their native war-torn Sierra Leone.
A big fan of fashion, she describes herself as feisty and ambitious but soft on the inside,
Sylvia says religion plays a very important part in her life, and regularly attends church on a Sunday.
She is currently studying English Literature and Psychology at Derby University, but wants to launch a career as a singer

From: London
Job: Songwriter
Age: 26

Darnell hopes to find love in the house and maybe even a wife! Born in Ipswich, but raised in St Louis, Darnell was deported from America after getting involved in gang culture.
Describing himself as personable, outgoing, caring and sensitive albino born Darnell now spends much of his time mentoring community youth groups in North London.
Music lover Darnell writes songs professionally and can’t wait to see how he comes across in the house.
Miserable and complaining housemates will irritate him and the 26 year-old housemate says he can often talk too much and say the wrong things.

Age: 23
From: Croydon
Occupation: Accounts Executive

Housemates had better watch out for single mum Alexandra because she admits she’s not very pleasant to live with sometimes.

The Accounts Executive from Croydon, who had planned to be a millionaire by now, gives herself 10/10 for good looks and says: “love me or hate me – you’ll be obsessed!”
The young mum, who describes herself as quirky and outgoing, had her daughter when she was just 16 years old and says shes proud of raising her child on her own while having a good job and nice car.
Non-practicing Muslim Alexandra converted from Christianity to Islam a few years ago and says her philosophy in life is go hard or go home.
She believes that private schools should be scrapped so everyone has an equal start in life and reckons shes famous in Croydon and that lots of people want to socialise with her

Age: 22
From: Durham
Occupation: Part-time model, full-time mum

Jennifer, who describes herself as “ambitious, ruthless and opinionated”, would love to have sex with Simon Cowell and reckons she’s going to win Big Brother 9.
The part-time model and Catholic, whose most expensive purchase is a £400 Vivienne Westwood handbag, dislikes ladettes and people who spit and says she uses her beauty and brains to get what she wants.
Vegetarian Jennifer is the mother of a 22-month-old daughter, is passionate about animal welfare and is anti-fox hunting, anti-abortion, anti-smoking, and anti-fur.

Age: 30
From: Kent, originally from Thailand
Occupation: Thai massage therapist

Cookie addict Kathreya is Big Brother’s first Thai housemate and dreams of travelling the world to taste cookies in every country.
She’s going on Big Brother so that everyone knows who she is and believes strongly in Karma so will do anything to avoid an argument.
Stressed out housemates will be able to turn to Kathreya for some rest and relaxation as she is a Thai massage therapist and she would love to one day open her own Thai massage agency. Passionate about cooking she will make sure housemates don’t go hungry. Tiny Buddhist Kathreya loves wearing bright clothing, wears platform boots at all times to give her extra height, is scared of the dark, heights and has a hatred of feet.
She doesn’t take drugs or drink alcohol, and says that she doesn’t really understand British humour.
But, she’s a romantic at heart – everyday she fills a lunchbox for her fiancé and on Valentines she even made him heart shaped sandwiches.

In Celebrity Big Brother, Jade Goody and boyfriend Jack Tweedy became the first couple last year, but they have since split up.

Big Brother has promised that this year’s contestants will not have an easy life in the house, and that the game-playing will begin immediately.

The show’s new zero tolerance policy will see housemates sent to a jail area or a solitary confinement zone for persistent rule breaking.

The new stars of Big Brother better be on their best behaviour as it was revealed today a jail to punish those who step out of line will be used on the show.

Taking the form of a tiny claustrophobic area enclosed by metal bars, the mini prison will be situated in the garden.

And housemates better be ready to get green as emerged they will be growing their own food this year.

Producers said the 16 contestants will have to cultivate their own potatoes and carrots and season their food and herbs from the garden as they released the latest pictures from the house.

As well as having vegetable boxes, the new “green” version of the show will mean there is also a large recycling bin placed in the kitchen.

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