Jun 18


Since the Mozilla website will be crushed today with traffic, here is the direct link to download Firefox Version 3.0 now:

Click here to download Firefox 3

Keep hitting refresh for almost 1 hour, finally get through and get 3 versions Firefox, now I upload them all to fileshare website: fileqube.com

If Mozilla website is down and you think you cant wait a few days for this Firefox 3, you have a strong feeling trying to update your browser today, try the links here (I swear, no virus):

Firefox 3 English UK
Firefox Setup 3.0(UK)
Firefox 3 English US
Firefox Setup 3.0(US)
Firefox 3 Chinese
Firefox Setup 3.0(CN)

PASSWORD: pinewooddesign

Any problem pls leave comment here, I will get u back asap.

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2 Responses to “If Mozilla website still jam, Download Firefox 3 here (link)!!!”

  1. 1. Daniel Says:

    I have a few sites I go to, but the quality is always the best here!

  2. 2. Agatha Santory Says:

    Whenever I’m reading posts like this I can’t help but think of how things have changed since I was young. I guess I’m getting old, but I miss the way things used to be.

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