Nov 22


Price’s piece! Willie’s willie! I’ll stop now!

Poor guy gets caught taking a piss and the next thing you know, it’s all over the Internet! Obviously NSFW.

Click and c bigger pic:-)


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One Ping to “Prince William’s P-e-n-i-s — Royal C o c k !!”

  1. Chris Brown Penis (PIC) | Pinewood Design Says:

    […] You can compair his penis with Prince William’s here. […]

11 Responses to “Prince William’s P-e-n-i-s — Royal C o c k !!”

  1. 1. KDF Says:

    If You ‘Crotchwatch’ the Young Princes I think you will see that Prince Harrys has a much smaller Bulge than Prince Williams.

    This may mean that Harry may be something of a Disapointment down there.

  2. 2. Amy Denver Says:

    Can you provide more details on this?

  3. 3. Sean P Says:

    Excellent site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

  4. 4. matthew Says:

    I love it more please of more bulge and look good at funny
    from matthew

  5. 5. leslie Says:

    no manchen si lo tiene bn xikito jaja

  6. 6. Anonymous Says:

    He looks good. It is the royalty flesh. The Royal sexiness. He looks clean and desirable. It is the ideal royal flesh part.

  7. 7. JoeyZ Says:

    his penis is to smalll…..
    upload more hung pic….

  8. 8. k Says:

    Obviously circumcised

  9. 9. CounterK Says:

    Yo! K, doesn’t mean he’s circumcised – he only pulled his foreskin to pee like lots do. Lady Di didn’t want to have her sons circumcised for ethical reasons.

  10. 10. Elisabeth Says:

    Stupid K, he’s obviously uncut when he uses his fingers like that to pull it back. God bless Lady Di for not mutilating her sons!

  11. 11. Ron Says:

    No es pequeño esta orinando, esta apagado peo tiene una cabeza muy rica… q hermosas fotos

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