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IT TAKES a lot to get teenagers’ minds off sex at the best of times – and in the bedroom it’s next to impossible. So it’s little wonder that one charity is turning to the most shocking of shock tactics to remind young people to use condoms.


AIDES, a French NGO, has created a series of posters depicting a couple making love – in which one of the pair is, unusually, a giant creepy-crawly.

And while having a pair of legs wrapped around you in a passionate embrace sounds entertaining, when it’s four pairs, it looks a lot less fun.

In one, a woman is seen getting seriously intimate with a massive spider. In another, a man is caught in flagrante with a scorpion the size of a grizzly bear, its poison sting inches from his back. The idea is to suggest that no matter how attractive your partner may be, they could have a STD bug of their own – one that could kill you as easily as any spider bite.

The slogan for the adverts reads: “Without a condom you’re making love with Aids. Protect yourself.”


But do you think shock tactics like these would encourage people to use a condom? Leave your comments below…

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18 Responses to “Spider sex: Shocking condom adverts”

  1. 1. tantric Says:

    Shock tactic yes, but pointless…..If this is to be communicated, it should be something people can relate to. This is just a designer showing off there photoshop skills…

    Retarded concept….

  2. 2. Abi Says:

    I love them! I think there just brilliant. I’m doing a campaign in school on how we can tackle raising awareness and came across this site. It’s just so powerful and so true. Its a great advert and I would like to congratulate the designer. :) The big thumbs up from me get some more out!

  3. 3. TONY Says:

    What’s wrong with fucking spiders??? If you are not down with gettin’ some spidey tang then you aint down

  4. 4. Arthur Dent Says:

    These images turn me on.

  5. 5. Omer Says:

    Actually very creepy, I like the idea behind, but I don’t know if it’ll work:) Depends on if you have a brain.

  6. 6. grok Says:

    too difficult for the average person to understand.

  7. 7. ProtectYOURSELF Says:

    Tantric you’re an idiot. The pictures clearly represents want unprotected sex is related too! Aids is deadly life affecting disease like being bite by a black widow spider or stung by a black scorpion. Both which are one of the most poisonous creatures on earth. Knowledge is power and can safe your life, smarten up and look beyond the pic.
    Koodoos to the designer for these pics…Excellent concept!

  8. 8. El Duderino Says:

    Anyone else notice that the scorpions tale is wrapped the wrong way?? on a live scorpion, legs up it would be on its back, belly up…. the tale would then be arched in the other direction, and if it was tucked under its belly like that, the stinger would be pointed away from the man…. ineffective at best

  9. 9. xxxThrill Says:

    Love with an Alien Anthro-Scorpion Lady:
    “Satisfy me, or I’ll sting you” – My Love is danger, danger is my Love 😉

  10. 10. Stevo Says:

    These ads are BRILLIANT!!…. Tantric comments above are retarded!!

    To do that artwork in Photoshop is simple, what makes the design Excellent is the concept!

    Great work! Hi5 the designer!

  11. 11. HorshamPKRange Says:

    I actually got a boner looking at that guy on the scorpion. Wow!

  12. 12. King Dope Says:

    This is pretty harsh; what is this saying about people with AIDS? That they are beasts? And “without a condom you’re sleeping with AIDS” punchy, but really? These are just scare tactics, which whilst working are unfair and untrue; not a good message to send to people.

  13. 13. Conrad Winkelman Says:

    What a stupid artist made this picture picture of the guy shagging a scorpion.
    The scorpion’s Tail & Stinger are PhotoShopped the wrong way around !!!!!

    The scorpion is laying there belly up. . scorpion tails curl opwarud above its back

    Any horny guy will notice that


  14. 14. Prof. Awesome Says:

    Yeah. pointless. scare tactics like these simply don’t work. I’m a teacher and I know for a fact that the best response you will get from these pics is a laugh – which is fair enough – the concept is laughable. The link between insects and AIDS is too tenuous, i’m afraid.

  15. 15. donk Says:

    is there one with an octopus?

  16. 16. Terry Says:

    Oral sex requires a condom now? XD

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