Mar 26


If you are a professional diver you should visit Cenote Angelita Mexico.

These amazing pictures were taken by Anatoly Beloshchin in the cave Cenote Angelita, Mexico. Here’s his description: “We are 30 meters deep, fresh water, then 60 meters deep – salty water and under me I see a river, island and fallen leaves… Actually, the river, which you can see, is a layer of hydrogen sulphide.”
It must be an unforgettable feeling once you’re there and see it with your own eyes.

skipnjump says:

Hydrogen Sulphide is toxic in large quantities, but only if inhaled, like carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide. It can irritate mucous membranes, eyes, and respiratory organs. Since they’re diving (having oxygen supply and are suited) H2S would have no impact on them. All is safe.

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