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chilean born, new york-based designer and artist sebastian errazuriz’s ‘metamorphosis’ bookshelf
is hand carved from baltic birch plywood. it was created for the exhibition of his furniture work ‘beautiful premonitions’
which opens april 28th, 2011 at the cristina grajales gallery in new york. originally based on the thick ivy that he used
as natural shelves for his childhood garden toys, errazuriz collaborated with woodworkers from the horm
furniture company to develop the piece entirely in italy.

detail of the carving

errazuriz in the company of the bookshelf.

errazuriz with a woodworker from horm piecing together the final form.

the designer planning out how the form will come together.

a woodworker joining components with wood glue

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One Response to “sebastian errazuriz: metamorphosis”

  1. 1. Janodin Says:

    This is an exciting and eilnronmentalvy conscious endeavor. I hope your business is very successful to your hearts content .and I am happy to vote for you! I am waiting for my beetle kill calendar from Artifact Uprising love the look and feel of this wood. Best to you Corbin!PS. Will check out your entire collection

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