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Guaranteed to work, but you have to stick with it. Sometimes it takes a person only a week to have their first lucid dream from this method. Sometimes it takes months. Either way, it works.

Get a pen and mark a dot on your hands. It can be on your palm or anywhere that you will notice it throughout the day.

Throughout the day, ask yourself if you are dreaming whenever you notice the dot.

This technique is called a “Reality Check”.

Each time you see the dot, don’t just say “Of course I’m not dreaming”. Really think about it and analyze your surroundings. Otherwise, you’ll dismiss the question in your sleep.

The way to check if you are dreaming is to look at any text or numbers around you (eg. a book, sign, clock face, etc), then look away for 5 seconds. Then look back. If it changed, then you are dreaming.

What happens is that you are essentially testing your environment to see if you are dreaming. This habit carries over into your dream world after you have fallen asleep. If you do this enough and it becomes a daily routine, then eventually you will begin asking yourself if you are dreaming while you are in the dream. This is what sparks the lucidity.

Start keeping a dream journal. Keep it at your bedside and write down any dream you have the minute you wake up from it. When you keep a dream journal, you will notice that you begin to remember more dreams and you remember them more vividly. A lucid dream is a pretty exciting experience, but what good are they if you forget you had one when you wake up the following morning. Improve your dream recall by always keeping a dream journal!

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