Oct 29

I have to say this is truly amazing!!!! Kudos to the artists!

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Aug 01

In the middle of the lobby of the Radisson SAS Hotel in Berlin stands a AquaDom standing 25 meters tall and is the largest cylindrical aquarium ever built. It’s filled with about 900,000 liters of seawater and has 2600 fish of 56 species.

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Jun 01

Carnovsky’s RGB wallpaper

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For the Milan Design Week, Italian studio Carnovsky created a series of wallpapers that react to different coloured lights

The designs were created for the Milan shop of Janelli & Volpi, a noted Italian wallpaper brand. Each features overlapping illustrations, different elements of which are revealed depending on whether a blue, green or red light is shone upon them.

Under red light:

blue light:

green light:

This one features the animal kingdom:

Color est e pluribus unus

RGB is a collection of wallpapers that mutate and interact with different chromatic stimulus.

RGB consists in the overlapping of three different patterns that results in unexpected and disorienting images.
The colors mix up, the lines and shapes entwine becoming oneiric and not completely clear.
Through a filter (a colored light or transparent material) it is possible to see clearly the layers in which the image is composed. Each one of the red, green and blue filters serve to reveal just one of the three patterns, hiding the other two.

We wanted to represent the antique theme of the metamorphosis intended as an unceasing transformation of shapes from a “primigenial chaos”.
For this purpose we have created a sort of catalogue of natural motifs starting with the engravings from natural history’s
great European texts, between the XVI and the XVIII Century, from Aldrovandi to Ruysch, from Linneus to Bonnaterre.
A catalogue – it naturally includes also human – that does not have a taxonomic or scientific aim in the modern sense, but that wants to explore both the real and the fantastic, the true and the verisimilar in the way medieval bestiaries did.

In each image three layers live together, three worlds that could belong to a specific animal kingdom or to an anatomical part, but at the same time connect to a different psychological or emotional status that passes from the clear to the hidden, from the light to the darkness, from the awakeness to the dream in something that could be a sort of exploration of the surface’s deepness.

RGB has been shown during Milan Design Week at Jannelli & Volpi store

Photos By Luca Volpe

Click for bigger photo.

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Apr 26

Peru Modern Architecture – if only I could decide what’s more fascinating: the house or the location?

The only thing that rivals the awe-inspiring cliff-top view in Punta Misterio, Peru, is the amazing Lefevre Beach House designed by Longhi Architects. Overlooking the waters of the Pacific Ocean, this contemporary home blends raw nature and modern innovation, landscape and architecture. Built into a rocky cliff, this cool house boasts sand-garden roofs that bring a bit of the desert landscape into the design. Contemporary stone tiles surround a rooftop lap pool – a luxury oasis in this desert setting. And cantilevered over the edge of this cliff, a glass box boldly hangs above the ocean, connecting desert, water and architecture. Inside, expansive windows invite the magnificent outdoors in. Beyond the views framed by expansive windows and sliding glass doors, nature comes alive inside this house on the rock walls, sleek stone floor tiles, skylights, and the balconies and terraces that wrap the home’s facade. Longhi Architects
via Arch Daily
photo credit: CHOlon Photography






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Apr 24

think of all the work you could get done if you could just shut the world out.








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May 29

From The Sun

Tasteless … tacky bathroom with David model and swan taps

GAUDY help us! Summer’s almost here so it must be time to unveil . . . the house that taste forgot.

Yep, love it or loathe it, the endless TV marathon/drivel (delete where applicable) that is Big Brother returns to our screens on June 5.

And a first glimpse at the new set proves that all that glitters definitely isn’t gold.

The garish, bling-ridden bathroom looks like the place Liberace went to die.

Festooned with gilded swan taps, flowers, champagne bottles and a bronze cast of Michaelangelo’s David, the entire room is done up with a marble effect last seen in Dorian’s Chigwell home in Birds Of A Feather.

david statue

Golden swan tap

What I can say? HORRIBLE!!!
Eyes-spy … new entrance for BB9

House arrest … cell-like rooms

The housemates will get another shock when they see the shared bedroom, which looks more like an Eastern Bloc jail cell.

It has “locker” walls and eight beds shared between 12 housemates, each kitted out with scratchy wool blankets.

With any luck the grime-glitz contrast will drive inmates mad within days.

In another twist, show bosses have built the bathroom next to the lounge.

A source tells us: “There’s a huge window between the bathroom and the lounge, so you’ll be able to see everyone. It’s going to be highly pervy.”

The finalists were picked late last week.

Dip-sticks … pool in the garden

Fun in the sun … garden

smoking area

Bleak bedroom … ’locker’ walls and scratchy blankets

Dinner’s red-dy … cooking area


GruBB’s up … dining table

living room

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Who’ll be sitting in this BB9 Diary Room chair?

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Apr 03

GREEN TOWERS IN THE PARK: Seoul Commune 2026

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beehive tower

The Seoul Commune 2026 project by Mass Studies is just sheer genius. Not exactly the design I would have gone for though. They look more like cactuses. Anyway, I know so many of you out there love conceptually crazy buildings, so here we go.

beehive tower

Seoul Commune 2026 is located in Apgujongdong, a central area in the southern part of Seoul. It is located in a large-scale urban redevelopment zone that is possibly one of the most densely populated places on Earth. Covering 393,400 square meters of land and bound by the Han River on the northern side, 15 towers of varying height —from 16 to 53 floors—function like one giant house in this park-like setting.
The private spaces in all towers are composed of individually unique beehive-like cells. A total number of 2,590 cells are spread throughout the 15 towers. These basic units can be horizontally and vertically connected and multiplied. A single household can consist of a few independent cells with additional functions. The unique honeycomb structure also improves natural light conditions.

beehive tower

The base of the 15 towers, where the park merges with the towers, creates the widest spaces of the site. Above, the first floor is 75 meters wide and extends up to the height of the first five stories. The ground floor space is reserved for pedestrians. Three walkways converge there and circulate around each tower’s elevator core.

beehive tower

beehive tower

beehive tower

beehive tower

beehive tower

beehive tower

beehive tower

Visit Mass Studies’ website to view a full slideshow of the project.

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Mar 28

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popularchitecture the tower

popularchitecture the tower

The term “mile high” isn’t just for airplane action anymore- British firm Popularchitecture has proposed a mile-high eco tower for London that’s sure to be just as exciting. At a full mile tall and housing over 100,000 people, this concept tower really is just that: a cool, uber-green concept. With 500 floors would contain schools and hospitals to shops and pubs, and everything else under the sun. While it will likely never be realized, the design does push our thinking forward.The mile-high tower also illustrates the ecological advantages of living tall, as building up instead of out holds more people in a smaller footprint. This in turn reduces ecological impacts and the time needed to transport them. Close-knit living is also a way to rebuild disconnected communities, and to make life safer through the ‘natural surveillance’ created by populating areas 24/7. Water and household waste would be recycled within the tower to reduce the energy required to replace it with fresh water from the ground. Fresh water could be harvested and filtered from the clouds that would envelop the top of the tower on overcast days.

popularchitecture the tower

popularchitecture the tower

Drawn up by Popularchitecture and intended for Tower Hamlets in East London, the giant skyscraper would be three times larger than anything ever built in the capital, creating 12 new ‘villages’ in the sky. However, despite the project’s ‘almost unbelievable proportions’, practice founder Tom Teatum does not feel the scheme is that crazy, insisting there are developers who are interested, ‘in particular because of minimal land value in relation to accommodation… occupying a scale far beyond anything that currently exists in London, the tower would allow the city’s population to expand without significant impact to the architectural fabric on the ground.’

popularchitecture the tower

popularchitecture the tower

At the center of the structure would be a ‘vast internal void’ lit by circular openings every 20 storys. Each of these ‘holes’ would be used as either public squares or for specialist activities such as ice skating, botanic gardens or swimming pools. Nice idea and nice visuals but it looks like it’ll be firmly rooted in our imaginations for the time being.

popularchitecture the tower

popularchitecture the tower

popularchitecture the tower


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