May 17


Norway has emerged as the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, held in the Russian capital, Moscow.

Singer and violinist Alexander Rybak, 23, smashed the record for the most points awarded during the competition.

Iceland came second in the vote, followed by Azerbaijan which took the third place.

The UK’s Jade Ewen, singing an Andrew Lloyd Webber song, ended in fifth position – a marked improvement on last year’s finish at the foot of the table.

For the first time, voting in the final was split between televoting and panels of musical experts, which was supposed to reduce the incidence of predictable and neighbourly votes.

A total of 42 countries voted on the 25 songs, with Norway scoring a record 387 points.

Alexander Rybak, who was born in the former Soviet Union, is a well-known musician in Norway.

A classically-trained violinist and pianist, he wrote his country’s winning entry, Fairytale.

The previous biggest points haul was scored by Finland’s Lordi with Hard Rock Hallelujah in Greece in 2006.

No country suffered the indignity of receiving “nul points” this year but Finland finished in last place.

Denmark’s entry – Brinck singing Believe Again – was written by Boyzone’s Ronan Keating and was performed in the Irish singer’s style.

Germany’s act featured US cabaret artist Dita von Teese, who used to be married to rock star Marilyn Manson.

Her costume was slightly more demure than her outfit at the dress rehearsal after she was reportedly told to cover up by the European Broadcasting Union, which runs Eurovision, because it was unsuitable for a family audience.

Graham Norton was making his debut as commentator for the BBC, replacing Sir Terry Wogan, who bowed out last year.

‘Greatest talents’

Speaking in the Russian capital, Norton revealed that he had spoken to his predecessor, who commentated on every Eurovision final from 1980.

“Terry rang me to wish me good luck,” said the TV presenter. “He advised me to resist having a drink until the fifth song,” he added.

Jade Ewen was chosen to represent the UK through a TV talent contest, with the winning song written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyricist Diane Warren.

Her fifth place was a highlight for the UK, which has had a dismal record in recent years, with 2008’s entry, Andy Abraham, finishing last with 14 points.

It was the second time in five years the UK had finished at the bottom, with Jemini’s 2003 effort famously scoring “nul points”.

Germany’s Alex Swings Oscar Sings! act was joined by burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, who was ordered to cover up for the family audience.

The UK’s entry Jade Ewen was accompanied by Andrew Lloyd Webber, who wrote the song. She ended a dismal spell for the UK by finishing fifth.


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Apr 26

Peru Modern Architecture – if only I could decide what’s more fascinating: the house or the location?

The only thing that rivals the awe-inspiring cliff-top view in Punta Misterio, Peru, is the amazing Lefevre Beach House designed by Longhi Architects. Overlooking the waters of the Pacific Ocean, this contemporary home blends raw nature and modern innovation, landscape and architecture. Built into a rocky cliff, this cool house boasts sand-garden roofs that bring a bit of the desert landscape into the design. Contemporary stone tiles surround a rooftop lap pool – a luxury oasis in this desert setting. And cantilevered over the edge of this cliff, a glass box boldly hangs above the ocean, connecting desert, water and architecture. Inside, expansive windows invite the magnificent outdoors in. Beyond the views framed by expansive windows and sliding glass doors, nature comes alive inside this house on the rock walls, sleek stone floor tiles, skylights, and the balconies and terraces that wrap the home’s facade. Longhi Architects
via Arch Daily
photo credit: CHOlon Photography






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Apr 24


How much better would you feel about drinking juice from a box if they box actually looked just like the fruit you were about to imbibe?

That was the question raised by Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa when he created these amazing looking (and fresh!) fruit juice boxes.

We think the banana and fruit designs are delicious and pretty, but we’re not really sure what the bottom ones are. Are they coconuts or kiwis, and is that box really appetizing? Can you imagine a giant Tropicana jug covered in orange peel? Now that would be cool!

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Apr 24

think of all the work you could get done if you could just shut the world out.








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Apr 22


Jacquet Fritz Junior creates some amazing face sculptures with used toilet paper rolls.

Continue reading for more:

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830981223968268-180x180  830981223969025-180x180  toilet-paper-loudreams-180x180

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Apr 22

Kate Moss looks gorgeous as she poses for the new issue of Vogue

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Kate looks swan-derful

Kate Moss looks gorgeous as she poses for the new issue of Vogue


The supermodel, 35, looked sensational as she nestled on a velvet couch in a flowing white evening gown, with her hair sleeked back.

Kate’s pose appears in the May issue of top fashion magazine Vogue.


Here’s the Croydon clothes horse looking in the finest of fettle in a promo shot for her new Topshop collection.



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Apr 14

IT TAKES a lot to get teenagers’ minds off sex at the best of times – and in the bedroom it’s next to impossible. So it’s little wonder that one charity is turning to the most shocking of shock tactics to remind young people to use condoms.


AIDES, a French NGO, has created a series of posters depicting a couple making love – in which one of the pair is, unusually, a giant creepy-crawly.

And while having a pair of legs wrapped around you in a passionate embrace sounds entertaining, when it’s four pairs, it looks a lot less fun.

In one, a woman is seen getting seriously intimate with a massive spider. In another, a man is caught in flagrante with a scorpion the size of a grizzly bear, its poison sting inches from his back. The idea is to suggest that no matter how attractive your partner may be, they could have a STD bug of their own – one that could kill you as easily as any spider bite.

The slogan for the adverts reads: “Without a condom you’re making love with Aids. Protect yourself.”


But do you think shock tactics like these would encourage people to use a condom? Leave your comments below…

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Feb 13

VALENTINE: See this amazing love from above gallery:

A heart-shaped coroal reef in Australia has been photographed by satellites, helicopters and planes.

Is this the most romantic garden in the world? The heart hedges are located in the North Rhine-Westphalia, Waltrop in Germany.

Tupai Island in French Polynesia would be the perfect destination for Valentines Day as it is shaped as a perfect heart.

A field in the shape of a heart in Germany gives farmers new hope for love.

A heart-shaped island in Walchensee, Germany makes the small Bavarian town a romantic desitnation.

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Dec 20

French Banksy makes budding snapper a star

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Widely travelled: The face of unwitting model Jon Cartwright (Photo courtesy of Jon Cartwright)

His face is on walls, doors and, er, skips across the world but if he walked past you in the street you probably wouldn’t recognise him.

Amateur photographer Jon Cartwright has become a global phenomenon after a self-portrait he posted on the web inspired France’s answer to Banksy.

Before he could say ‘internet stardom’, the 33-year-old’s picture app­eared on the streets of New York, London, Paris and Sao Paulo.

‘I’d be lying if I pret­ended I didn’t get a big kick out of it,’ said Mr Cartwright, a web manager from Southwark, south-east London.

‘His work is inc­redible. It’s quite nice to be involved.’

His face painted on a London skip

His rise to fame began in February when he posted on website Flickr a photo he took of himself smoking a cigarette.

He then received a message from a Paris-based artist who calls himself C215.

‘This is a great picture of you. I will provide you soon or later a surprise,’ he wrote cryptically.

Puff of smoke: Jon appears on a doorway in France

Mr Cartwright soon found his face appearing all over the world, his photo forming the base for a stencil.

‘A picture I took as a lighting experiment more than anything else has taken on a life of its own,’ he said.

Despite the partnership, the budding male model has never met C215, whose real name is Christian Guemy.

Jon’s face turns up on a shutter in Morocco

The best they have done is exchange e-mails in a bizarre cross-Channel rel­ationship.

‘It shows how the internet allows people to collaborate in strange ways,’ added Mr Cartwright.

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Nov 22

Price’s piece! Willie’s willie! I’ll stop now!

Poor guy gets caught taking a piss and the next thing you know, it’s all over the Internet! Obviously NSFW.

Click and c bigger pic:-)


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