Aug 01

chilean born, new york-based designer and artist sebastian errazuriz’s ‘metamorphosis’ bookshelf
is hand carved from baltic birch plywood. it was created for the exhibition of his furniture work ‘beautiful premonitions’
which opens april 28th, 2011 at the cristina grajales gallery in new york. originally based on the thick ivy that he used
as natural shelves for his childhood garden toys, errazuriz collaborated with woodworkers from the horm
furniture company to develop the piece entirely in italy.

detail of the carving

errazuriz in the company of the bookshelf.

errazuriz with a woodworker from horm piecing together the final form.

the designer planning out how the form will come together.

a woodworker joining components with wood glue

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Mar 16

Lady Gaga is rallying her little monsters to raise money for disaster relief in Japan. Fans of the singer can purchase a white-and-red band—emblazoned with “We Pray for Japan” in English and Japanese, along with Gaga’s signature monster claw—for $5 (plus an optional donation of your choice) on her official website. All proceeds will go directly to the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami.
“I Designed a Japan Prayer Bracelet. Buy It/Donate here and ALL proceeds will go to Tsunami Relief Efforts. Go Monsters,” Gaga tweeted on Friday.

+ Japan Earthquake Relief Wristband $5

[Via MTV News]


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Mar 16

One Perfect Cup

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The Utopik Design Lab have done it! They’ve taken our entire collected evolution of cup-making and holding of drink history and combined it into one cup. One cup to hold them all. This is “One Glass for Every Drink” and it’s made to work for everyone. It of course tends to the four main glass-specific types of drink: water, cognac, wine, and champagne. It uses the same head and a different base for each of these. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? Let’s have a sip or two and converse.

This isn’t the first interchangeable base cup we’ve had here on Yanko, and it wont be the last. It’s a fantastic idea and deserving of a slew of attempts at it in order to make it perfect. Here’s one with some really fabulous ideas, and rather elegant ones if I do say so myself.

And while we’re at it, I’ve got to say that my favorite drink glass in the world must be the snifter – looked after here closely by that cognac glass on it’s side. Very sassy. Very nice. Very on it’s side where it definitely aught to be, havin a great time.

Designer: Utopik Design Lab

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Mar 16

Product designers Hyoungmin Park and Jeongmin Lee have created a tape roll with realistic looking hinges on it. It looks pretty interesting on a box.

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Jan 15

Destroyed apple products

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apple destroyed products by michael tompert and paul fairchild
all photos by michael tompert and paul fairchild

a series of smashed, mangled, shot up and melted apple products are the subject of
a recent photography project by a san francisco-area graphic designer who said he’s
trying to make people think about their relationship with these universally beloved gadgets.

michael tompert said he had spent the last several months purchasing the newest in apple
consumer technology and then creatively destroying the pricey toys. the results, which
he photographed, briefly went on display at a gallery exhibition that ran over the weekend
at the small live worms gallery in san francisco.

tompert said the idea for the project came to him after he gave each of his two sons
an ipod touch for christmas. he said the two boys fought over one of the devices, which
had a certain game on it. fed up with the quarrel, tompert said he grabbed one of the ipods
and smashed it on the ground.

‘they were kind of stunned – the screen was broken and this liquid poured out of it.
I got my camera to shoot it,’ tompert said. ‘my wife told me that i should do something with it.’
in all, tompert created 12 images of destroyed apple products, working with his friend
paul fairchild, a photographer. ‘they had to be a brand-new product,’ tompert said.
‘it’s not about destroying old products. it’s about our relationship with the new.’

his methods of destruction varied by gadget. to destroy an iphone 3g device, he used a
heckler & koch handgun to blow a hole through it. to obliterate a set of ipod nanos,
he placed the devices on a train track so that a locomotive would run over them.

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Dec 27

‘two love trees’ by ran hwang, 2009 (buttons, pins, panel)

ran hwang is a korean-born artist working in new york, who creates intricate and poetic installations.
hwang is best known for her wall sculptures that make use of common objects like buttons and crystals
pinned directly onto the wall of the gallery. using each elemnt like a pixel on a scren, hwang creates
oversized murals of birds, trees or chandeliers. her subject matter is often influenced by buddhist theories
and symbolism. hwang’s work has been described as inviting ’the viewer to engage in multiple readings
of emptiness and existence, of attempting to reach the state of enlightenment and fulfillment through the
conscious emptying of one’s mind and spirit’

‘two love trees’ by ran hwang, 2009 (buttons, pins, panel)

‘dreaming of joy’ by ran hwang, 2008 (buttons, pins on wooden panel, stainless steel)

‘dreaming of joy’ by ran hwang, 2008 (buttons, pins on wooden panel, stainless steel)

‘dreaming of joy’ by ran hwang, 2008 (buttons, pins on wooden panel, stainless steel)

‘invisibility is visibility’ by ran hwang, 2004 (buttons, pins)

‘invisibility is visibility’ by ran hwang, 2004 (buttons, pins)

‘garden of light’ by ran hwang, 2007 (pins, glass bowl, video on plexi-glass)

‘garden of light’ by ran hwang, 2007 (pins, glass bowl, video on plexi-glass)

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Dec 25

Metro marry me man says yes

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A gay man who proposed on the front page of 16 November 2010’s Metro newspaper is celebrating after his partner said yes.

Their engagement may have been overshadowed by Prince William and Kate Middleton, but before that story broke today this gay proposal had captured the attention of commuters across the UK.

Jon Mark Ireland was one of the winners of a competition to design the cover of the British free national paper and used it to pop the question to his boyfriend of almost five years, Ben Daniel Collins.

Ireland, 27, was worried Collins would miss seeing the paper that day despite being an avid Metro reader. But the 23-year-old spotted one under the arm of a fellow commuter on the London Underground and, seeing his own name, instantly panicked.

Reading the message he texted Ireland, jokingly promising “I’m going to kill you.”

But when they were able to speak a few hours later, Collins gave his partner a resounding “yes!”

Ireland said: “He said that he was a bit horrified to see his name but he was happy so it was a good job, I suppose.”

And he wasn’t bothered by William and Kate stealing their thunder. “Ben’s a royalist, he loves all that,” Ireland said.

He added that winning the competition and getting a yes from his partner had been “magical”.

The pair from Woodford, London are now considering tying the knot around the time of their fifth anniversary in May, perhaps at Kent’s spectacular Leeds Castle.

Metro, launched in 1999, is the UK’s third biggest daily national newspaper, read by an estimated 3.5 million people.

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Oct 29

I have to say this is truly amazing!!!! Kudos to the artists!

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Oct 25

The members of the British pop band McFly decided it was time to shed their clothes for Attitude magazine. Muscular, toned and tanned for your viewing pleasure.Check out all of McFly here.

YouTube Preview Image

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Sep 16

For clothes that fit like a second skin, try instant fabric in a can

Rummaging in a drawer, grabbing a T- shirt and slipping it over your head would certainly be simpler. But some of us are willing to put a little more effort into our wardrobes.

The result? A shirt that fits so snugly it looks as if it has been sprayed on to the body. Actually, it has.
Thanks to a liquid mixture made of cotton fibres we could soon be spraying ourselves into everything from T-shirts, dresses, trousers to swim-wear and hats.

Stage one: This might tickle a bit… Dr Torres spray paints the model’s shoulder and torso. Both wear goggles to protect their eyes.

Fabrican – literally fabric in an aerosol can – is the brainchild of Spanish designer Dr Manel Torres who has spent ten years working on his invention.

In a video demonstrating how it works, he sprays a blue and white T-shirt on to a model in just under 15 minutes.

Drying as soon as it hits his skin, the garment can be taken off, washed and re-worn.

Dr Torres teamed up with Paul Luckham, Professor of Particle Technology at Imperial College London, to create Fabrican, which consists of cotton fibres, polymers (the plastics which hold them together) and solvents which keep it in liquid form.

Stage two: Thank goodness I didn’t ask for a suit… The fabric, drying fast, is already showing a couple of creases on the model’s torso

Stage three: Plain white’s so yesterday… Dr Torres decides to add a fetching splatter of blue to brighten things up a little

Stage 4: A touch to the neckline shows how the fabric dies away from the body

Stage five: The shirt off my back… The garment can be taken off, washed and re-worn

Fabrican is still a couple of years from hitting the shelves.

Dr Torres is working on ways to create more forgiving shapes as not everyone likes their clothes clinging to every curve. He is also trying to minimise the distinct whiff of solvent about the garments.

And although some spray-on designs will be on show at London Fashion Week, the instant fabric could end up being used for everything from bandages to furniture upholstery.

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