Jun 17

Did you ever wanna build your own city? Maybe you love dogs dressed in bee suits? How about repenting, but this time, the easy way? These 10 useless sites serve absolutely no obvious purpose but are nonetheless a pretty entertaining, funny, and strangely enjoyable waste of time.

My Mini City

My Mini City is a site where you can build your own miniature city, oddly enough. Name your city, and watch it grow. Every time someone goes to your city’s page, your population grows. As your population grows so does your city.

You Fail

If you want to go to a site with a catchy theme song and a clear message, this is for you. This site seems as though it was designed to send as an insult to your friends, and it accomplishes its job very well. You Fail is only one page with three bold red letter words set to music. (Note: I am not to be held accountable for loss of friendship.)

Bee Dogs

This site contains various pictures of dogs in bee costumes. Yes, this sight is completely random and off-the-wall, but aren’t they just soo cute. If you love dogs, and you love bee costumes, and you love dogs in bee costumes you will probably really love this sight.

Huge Numbers

This site, like You Fail, is only one page, but unlike You Fail, this site contains one number. It is definitely for all those people on a quest to see really huge numbers. We could all use a site like this…or maybe not!

I Has A Bucket

Another unique page, this site tells the tale of a walrus and his bucket. His bucket has got taken away from him and he may have to deal with the emotional pain for the rest of his life. OK, so maybe not- but it is still a rather hilarious site. Facebook linkage included.


This site is designed so you can repent to, make fun of or ask questions of god. This site is actually hilarious and is a great time waster, with many clever words and phrases. Do your self a favor and go to this site. Repenting made easy.

Digits of Pi Song

That’s right! With this site, your persistent dream to hear the pi song has become a reality. What do you MEAN you never thought about pi as being a song before? Well, no matter, in any case here it is. Can you sing all the digits of pi with this catchy melody?

Can you Tell the Difference?

This site claims that you will confuse the items on the page. Go ahead then, take the strangest multiple choice test in the world!


Yes, now you can understand the language spoken by everyone’s favorite Pokemon. Just type in the word or phrase you want pikachized – and “blamo” you now know how to say it in Pikachu.

This Peanut Looks Like a Duck

This site is exactly that — a picture of a peanut that looks like a duck. It may be the most useless site I have come across so far. I think it’s brilliant.

Super Bad is probably the most insane, useless but entertaining way to spend 5-10 minutes of your life. Its all a bunch of links through pages with trippy images that make no sense at all. It can only be described by me as a maze of mental retardation.

(Btw, it was made years before the movie was produced. I have yet to see the film but if there is any connection, the website was the original)

Old Timey Boxer Riverdancing

It slays me


This is Zombo com, welcome to Zombo com, you can do anything here Zombo com, yes, this is Zombo¬† com!! …… This is Zombo com, welcome to Zombo com, you can do anything here Zombo com, yes, this is Zombo com!! ……

Is It Christmas?

Whole website only one word:  NO

Can’t wait to see ‘yes’ next christmas…….

most useless sites ever…

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