Apr 04

Mountains of Books Become Mountains

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I thought I’d seen every type of book carving imaginable, until I ran across these jaw dropping creations by Guy Laramee. His works are so sculptural, so movingly natural in their form, they’ve really touched me. His works are inspired by a fascination with so-called progress in society: a thinking which says the book is dead, libraries are obsolete and technology is the only way of the future. His thoughts:

“One might say: so what? Do we really believe that “new technologies” will change anything concerning our existential dilemma, our human condition? And even if we could change the content of all the books on earth, would this change anything in relation to the domination of analytical knowledge over intuitive knowledge? What is it in ourselves that insists on grabbing, on casting the flow of experience into concepts?”

Carving into the discarded stacks of books, he has created fantastic, romantic landscapes which remind us that though our fascinations and the value we put on different ideas have changed, we as a species have not evolved that much.

“Mountains of disused knowledge return to what they really are: mountains. They erode a bit more and they become hills. Then they flatten and become fields where apparently nothing is happening. Piles of obsolete encyclopedias return to that which does not need to say anything, that which simply IS. Fogs and clouds erase everything we know, everything we think we are.”

See more of his beautifully meditative works at

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Oct 29

Life-size zombies crawling out of a 1,800-pound giant pumpkin? You have to face it, Halloween carved pumpkins don’t get a lot cooler than that.

A crowd of Halloween fans gathered at the New York Botanical Garden, the other day, to see pumpkin-carving master Ray Villafane work his magic on the world’s biggest pumpkin. Ray, an established artist known also for his incredible toy and sand sculptor, had something special in mind for this year’s event, and it’s safe to say zombie fans were pleased with his idea. He used two of the largest pumpkins from this year’s harvest, one of them a record-holder, to create a creepy scene featuring zombies covered in pumpkin guts crawling out of a giant squash. Ray spent hours painstakingly carving his undead work of art, but his efforts were generously rewarded with cheering and clapping.

Ray Villafane used Brant and Eleanor Bordsen’s 1,693 pound pumpkin to create the zombies, while Kelsey and Jim Bryson’s 1,818.5 pound orange monster was used as the base they’re crawling out of. If you’re in the New York area and love scary pumpkin carvings, be sure to drop by the New York Botanical Garden, where Villafane’s masterpiece will be on display through Halloween.

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Dec 27

‘two love trees’ by ran hwang, 2009 (buttons, pins, panel)

ran hwang is a korean-born artist working in new york, who creates intricate and poetic installations.
hwang is best known for her wall sculptures that make use of common objects like buttons and crystals
pinned directly onto the wall of the gallery. using each elemnt like a pixel on a scren, hwang creates
oversized murals of birds, trees or chandeliers. her subject matter is often influenced by buddhist theories
and symbolism. hwang’s work has been described as inviting ’the viewer to engage in multiple readings
of emptiness and existence, of attempting to reach the state of enlightenment and fulfillment through the
conscious emptying of one’s mind and spirit’

‘two love trees’ by ran hwang, 2009 (buttons, pins, panel)

‘dreaming of joy’ by ran hwang, 2008 (buttons, pins on wooden panel, stainless steel)

‘dreaming of joy’ by ran hwang, 2008 (buttons, pins on wooden panel, stainless steel)

‘dreaming of joy’ by ran hwang, 2008 (buttons, pins on wooden panel, stainless steel)

‘invisibility is visibility’ by ran hwang, 2004 (buttons, pins)

‘invisibility is visibility’ by ran hwang, 2004 (buttons, pins)

‘garden of light’ by ran hwang, 2007 (pins, glass bowl, video on plexi-glass)

‘garden of light’ by ran hwang, 2007 (pins, glass bowl, video on plexi-glass)

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May 06

Beach Art

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Artist Jim Denevan makes large scale art in the sand.

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Apr 22


Jacquet Fritz Junior creates some amazing face sculptures with used toilet paper rolls.

Continue reading for more:

 830981223969005-180x180  830981223968975-180x180  830981223968738-180x180

830981223968268-180x180  830981223969025-180x180  toilet-paper-loudreams-180x180

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Jun 02

Exhibition: “Mao by Andy Warhol”

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Christie’s International is shipping a 14-foot-high Andy Warhol “Mao” portrait to Hong Kong in search of a buyer, reports Bloomberg.

The silkscreen-on-canvas work, which will be displayed in the city’s main convention center May 22–29 as part of an exhibition dedicated to Warhol’s representations of the late communist leader, is expected to bring in up to $120 million in a private sale. Warhol’s auction record currently stands at $71.7 million, paid for Green Car Crash (1963) at Christie’s last May.

Christie’s is offering the “Mao,” one of Warhol’s largest and the only one in private hands, on behalf of an anonymous European seller. The other Mao portraits of this size are in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin. None has been shown outside of the West.

“It’s worth $120 million because it’s so rare,” said Ken Yeh, Christie’s deputy chairman in Asia.

The exhibition, “Mao by Andy Warhol,” which Christie’s organized in collaboration with New York’s L&M Arts gallery, will feature 15 portraits.

Christie’s expects the 14-foot Andy Warhol “Mao” it’s exhibiting in Hong Kong to fetch up to $120 million.


Hong Kong – Christie’s is honored to showcase one of the most important works from the Mao series by Andy Warhol and the most valuable work by Warhol to remain outside of a museum during its Hong Kong 2008 Spring Sales. The work will be displayed as part of an exhibition featuring portraits of Mao by Andy Warhol from May 22-29 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, where Christie’s holds its sales and views.

“It is an honor and a unique opportunity to bring one of the most important paintings by Warhol to remain outside an institution to Christie’s in Hong Kong where the international art world will gather for our Spring Sales.” said Brett Gorvy, International Co-Head of Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art. “Visitors will have a chance to view this extraordinary Mao in Asia for the very first time as part of a specially curated exhibition celebrating Warhol’s legendary series.”

Mao by Andy Warhol is a superlative work in every aspect. One of the finest and greatest examples from Warhol’s entire oeuvre, this magnificent, colossal Mao stuns viewers with its staggering size and wall-power. Over 14 feet high, the painting is one of four Giant Maos of these dimensions executed by the artist. The other three are in major American and European museum collections: the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin. Never before has any of these paintings been displayed outside of the Western world.

Mao encompassed Warhol’s first major critically and commercially successful series following his premature “retirement” from painting in 1965 to pursue filmmaking. A near fatal shooting in 1968 led Warhol to reevaluate his career and artistic output and he began to execute commissioned celebrity portraits in the early 1970’s. The subject of Mao marks a turning point in the artist’s career and would begin a period of renewed growth. Warhol’s choice of subject also reflected the political developments of his day. In 1971, the People’s Republic of China replaced Nationalist China in the United Nations General Assembly and Securities Council and relations between China and the United States became less strained. In fact, it was Chairman Mao who was credited for encouraging President Nixon’s visit to China in February of 1972, the first by an American leader, with the visit easing Cold War tensions between the United States and China.

The subject of this work and its relevance to Chinese history makes it an important work to exhibit in Hong Kong given its proximity and ties to mainland China. Despite his radical policies, many people still see Mao as a figure of strength and unity. Warhol’s Mao represents the shift in cultural values that has taken place over the past decade and is therefore emblematic of the bridging of east and west.

A smaller portrait of Mao by Andy Warhol established a world auction record for the artist when it sold for US$17,376,000 in Christie’s New York Evening sale in November 2006. This record was surpassed in Christie’s May 2007 Evening Sale by Warhol’s Green Car Crash, which sold for US$71,720,000 and which remains a world auction record for any work by Warhol.

The exhibition “Mao by Andy Warhol” will feature 15 additional portraits depicting Mao by Warhol. Christie’s is collaborating with L&M Arts, New York, for the exhibition of “Mao by Andy Warhol.” L&M Arts were responsible for the first exhibition of Mao to take place in American in 2006. The exhibition and sale of the Giant Mao has been organized with the help of James Mayor, The Mayor Gallery, London.

warhol is one of the pioneers of pop art, a phenomenon that emerged in the 1950s. pop art is a form of art that employs imagery from everyday life, such as consumer products and famous people. titled “a is for andy”, this exhibition features 116 of warhol’s original paintings, worth US$15 million!

for those of you who may not be familiar with warhol, here are some examples of his more known pieces.

his famous silkscreen painting series of marilyn monroe, the epitome of beauty, was done 5 years after her untimely death. each of the prints has been called “an icon of an icon created by an icon”. this is also my personal favorite from warhol.

of course, who can forget his series of 32 campbell’s soup cans? each painting in the series features a unique flavor of campbell’s soup. why campbell’s soup? because warhol had it for lunch everyday for twenty years!

the exhibition has been open for private viewing for a week. one of the first paintings to be sold is this series of 10 paintings of the late chinese leader, mao zedong, in different colors.

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Apr 15

1. Fun in the Forbidden City IV

2. Boating in the Palace

3. Brother

4. Climbing over the Red Wall

5. Dialogue I

6. Dragon Boat

7. Empire State Building

8. Fishing

9. Flooding the Forbidden City I

10. Fun in the Forbidden City I

11. Fun in the Forbidden City II

12. Fun in the Forbidden City V

13. Golf Red Wall

14. Golf,The Farmer I

15. Golf,The Farmer II

16. Golf,The Farmer III

17. Golf,The Palace

18. Golf,Tiananmen I

19. Golf,Tiananmen II

20. Heroism

21. Hot 798

22. Victory

23. Idealism I

24. Routime Work I

25. Routine Work II

26. Sedar Car

27. Skiing

28. Smog I

29. Sweeping Tiantan

30. Swimming in the Forbidden City I

31. The City

32. The Sun in our heart

33. Tourists I

34. Tourists II

35. Somewhere in Beijing 3-3

In recent years contemporary Chinese art has become a hot topic at the auctions houses. When a gallery in Beijing or Hong Kong hangs contemporary works in their window, such as the “big baby” portraits, they immediately become popular. The concept of contemporary Chinese art came from the West and it referred to a new tide of art following World War II. Within contemporary Chinese art it is often hard to distinguish between what really belongs to this new tide and what are merely imitations.

During the 1980s and 1990s a few western journalists living in Beijing brought with them to Hong Kong some works by “underground” artists. Most of these were painted on cheap canvases, using poor quality materials, the subject matter was dark and dull. We couldn’t sell these works from our gallery. I believe this was Chinese contemporary art in its initial stages. Xing Xing artists began to emerge from the “underground” and later on came the Yuan Ming Yuan artists. Galleries in Hong Kong started promoting Chinese avant-garde art to the foreign market and international buyers started quietly collecting these works. Later on came the Song Village artists and early this century Yan Club became a pioneer in the area known as 798, which is now a hotbed of contemporary Chinese art in Beijing.

Among these contemporary artists were those who displayed their suffering, others merely imitated this suffering, some copied Western artists such as Hockney, Bacon and Warhol. But among them are also artists such as Chen Lianqing, who manage to skillfully express their own feelings onto canvas.

Lianqing was born in Sichuan Province – known in China as Paradise Province, although life there is actually tough. Sichuan people are sensitive and tolerant, but they also appreciate humour and their dialect reflects this humour. After mastering the skill of painting Lianqing was destined to become a pop artist. The fast developing China has its colorful, bright side, but the background to Lianqing’s paintings is grey, reminding us that there is another world existing. In his paintings there are always historic buildings and around these buildings are hundreds of small orange, very active men representing China’s mass of people. They do’t care about power. In the paintings they are pulling things down, having fun, causing trouble in and around the Palace. They are naughty, happy and very busy – typical Sichuan people. The little men swimming and diving in the flooded Forbidden City are even more interesting, but they also serve to remind us that Lianqing’s hometown was also flooded a few years ago.

Traditional oil painters often think that the technique used by contemporary artists of applying acrylic directly onto the canvas is too simple. On the other hand many traditional oil painters are incapable of painting without using a model. Isn’t this just as simple? Contemporary artists throw themselves into real life, they use real life situations to express their feelings about life. Their works therefore feel real and are easily accessible. All kinds of artists should learn from this.

When I was writing this article I met a director from Sotheby’s New York and I asked her what she thought would be the next hot topic after contemporary art and she said it will still be contemporary art, but just new faces. Good luck to the newcomers!

Fong Yuk Yan

April 2007

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Apr 04

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The Prophecy, a unique digital project created by Aymeric Giraudel for Beautifulmag and brought to you by BeautifulMag on January 21st 2008.
Visit for the latest updates and on The Prophecy.

This video’s background is “the Beast WithinMarie Kairu’s singing (beautiful voice) and Madonna’s reading a verse of the Bible.

I have to say this is a picture of an incredible beauty. It is impressive, stunning. It must be seen absolutely. Very beautiful video,technically perfect. Love the incredible handle of images and creativity. Have some close look:

All through history there have been men and women with visionary ideas, that provoked a lot of protest of less adventurous people. When the first photographs came to existence, people looked upon it with doubt and anxiety. When digital photography came to existence, this technology too was baulked at. Little did we know that digital photography would become a new art and bring to life a society of modern magicians. And Aymeric Giraudel is a magicians master.

It took over 7 months of work and 35 different models – both amateurs and professionals – and many, many shots to create the incredible dynamic poses, to bring The Prophecy to life. It has become a work full of symbolism, sensation and emotion. Dynamic action that all concentrates around one character who, in a matter of speaking, ascents from the clashing human behavior, and becomes a personification from true beauty, like a phoenix from the flames.

Aymeric Giraudel’s work are captures of his dreams and visions of the future. Full of symbolism and surreal situations. Each piece that finds its origin in Aymeric’s creative brain tells us a story. He created The Prophecy specially for you, as a free high resolution download:




But be nice, if you want to use it for commercial purpose, ask Beautifulmag’s permission to do so.

If this wonderful project has triggered your curiosity about this talented man, please visit the two part interview Beautiful had with Aymeric last year February: Digital Wizard Part 1 and Digital Wizard Part 2. Aymeric Giraudel is a man with a vision and the talent to visualize it.

Link:   Chronicles of Desire | Soon on BeautifulMag

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Mar 23


Graffiti (or spray paint) often regarded by others as unsightly damage or unwanted vandalism. But some times, the boring wall is supplied with a true piece of graffiti art, making it a joy for the eyes. A new game from Atari, Getting Up, is based on tagging.

I made a collection of pictures showing these fine spray paint creations. By looking at them and studying the details, you could boost your (Photoshop) design inspiration. If you’re not in to design, just sit back and enjoy this amazing form of art.

Click on the images to enlarge.



Actually, the last one indeed is a tag. I just had to post it here, the flames and colors are absolutely beautiful.

I still can’t believe some of them are actually graffiti. Huge respect for those artists who create it. Now start designing!

If u like this, please visit

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Mar 09

Painting by Mike Worral <2>

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