May 31

BB house for little monsters


HERE’S the first glimpse of the new Big Brother house – and it looks like bosses were inspired by the space cadets preparing to move in.

Big’s in space … all mod cons, including crates

Curved beams with fluorescent lights and futuristic wallpaper mirror designs from a 60s sci-fi movie.

But space is what’s missing this year – the producers have given the BB10 wannabes the smallest pad yet.

Astro turf … shrunken lawn and smoking shack

Gone are the comfy sofas, leaving housemates just a handful of wooden crates to perch on. 


And the smoking area – last year a sit-in giant ashtray – has been replaced with what looks like a bus shelter.

The rest of the garden has also been pruned, leaving the contestants fighting it out for the �100,000 prize little room to sunbathe or exercise.

A show insider said: “This house is going to make housemates really uncomfortable as Big Brother plays more mind games than ever.

“Not only is there less space but there’s hardly any furniture and everything is painted stark white. It’s really minimalist and modern. There’s a kind of space-age feel.”

Big Brother 10 kicks off at 9pm this Thursday on Channel 4.


New BB logo’s a real dab hand

BIG Brother has revealed its logo for this summer’s series – featuring what looks like a thumbprint.
The iconic eye gets a makeover each year and has previously featured shattered glass and stars.

It is always seen by housemates as a clue to tasks the Channel 4 show’s bosses have in store.

Ha! brilliant! Bit of an eye sore though…
I have to say 70% of contestants are crazy, but this’ll send them bonkers!!!

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