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Top Ten Survival Tips For Being Single

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by SUE OSTLER – Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How often have you found yourself in a room with a drop dead gorgeous stranger – knowing full well that an opportunity like this might never come again – and never made a move?

So how about this for an idea? Instead of sighing and wistfully thinking about what could have been – do something in 2009 to get over your flirt-phobia!

1. Get your flirting mojo into overdrive. Learn to collect confidence points and flirt at any and every opportunity! Surround yourself with fabulously supportive wing-women who know you’re on a mission to flirt and will back you up at every turn.

2. Prepare your station ladies! Have all your ammo ready before you go into flirt mode and be ready for all and any occasions. That means accessories, grooming, styling, outfit, make-up, hair, hygiene and of course – to-die-for lingerie.

3. Step into the flirt zone. Once you’re out and about, flirting opportunities will start presenting themselves left right and centre. You need to be on high alert and ready to act immediately!

4. Don’t waste your time on standoffish, cold flirts, go for warm cuddly flirts.

5. Lose the attitude. Get rid of it! Men don’t like it – especially when you’re so haughty – it terrifies them! They have a hard enough time coming up and saying hello let alone putting up with your attitude. Why confuse him with your “hard to get” signals?

6. So you’ve met someone you like – well let them know! Bang them over the head with it! Keep eye contact with him and keep him involved. Men have very short attention spans so practice repeating the same moves over. Every once in a while lick your lips.

7. Yes we know the weather is crap. Yes we know the country is in recession, but ditch the glum-fest because while a radiant smile draws like a magnet, a sour down turned mouth will do the opposite.

8. Rewire your brain – this is the year when dreams become realities. Keep a vision of how your hot new life will look and conjure it up every time you’re having a bad moment.

9. Leave the house and always look like you’re ready to party. Or at least have a chat!

10. Smile. Smile. Smile!

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