Jun 11

I’m running Firefox 3 RC2 right now and have been highly impressed. But here is a few problems I have encountered are the fact that the Google Toolbar is not available and have a small problem with the realplayer plugin.

It seems every major extension supports FF3 now, especially some key web developer ones (ex: Firebug, HTML Validator) but Google Toolbar is the only extension I use nonstop and isn’t supported in FF3. :-(

I do realize that the latest RC2 is still BETA, Based on past experience, Google will probably not release a version of their toolbar for Firefox 3 until around the time when Firefox 3 is released. However we really really really need this Google Toolbar to work.. like many have mentioned.. I’m totally lost without it :(

Considering Google is working on Google Toolbar 3, it seems we’ll all have to wait for Google Toolbar 3 for Firefox before we get official Firefox 3 support.  Personally, I’m unhappy how Google treats it’s Googe Toolbar for Firefox as the red headed step child, we don’t even have beta versions available yet, and IE8 has had it available for months.  In their defense, I can only assume GT3 has a lot of under the hood  improvements and in order to move from FF2 to FF3 there had to be a lot of rewriting…

Google! Please!

I want my Google search bar, Gmail notifier, Google Bookmarks… all my Google Toolbar back!

Right Now!!!!!

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