Dec 12

Environmental Graphics and Packaging: Winner
Po-Yun Jack Wang
California College of the Arts

You think therefore I am





Po-Yun Jack Wang was born and raised in Taiwan until the age of 12. Then his family immigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia. After graduating from high school, he came to the U.S. to pursue his dream, to become a graphic designer. He graduated from California College of the Arts in 2007 and received the Thesis Student Achievement Award. After his graduation, he returned to Taiwan, to start his new adventure in the design industry.

Communication objective
Existence is at once familiar and elusive. We have no problem using the word “exists,” but what is it like to exist, and how do we exist? Before you see me, my existence is not something that I can express to you. I intend to prove that our existence is based on each other. You think, therefore I am. I have created an installation 50″ x 182″, with paper cutouts and nine books to illustrate the entity Jack Wang, which your perception of me creates.

Tools used
I used Adobe® Photoshop® CS2 to create the pixilated image of my face, and then I used Illustrator® to lay out each page with a different color for each figure. The logo in the books was created in Illustrator® CS2 using the Live Trace tool of my hand-drawn work. The books are all created with Adobe InDesign® CS2 using a grid system on the master page.

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Dec 12

2007 Adobe Design Achievement Award Digital Photography: Winner

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Digital Photography: Winner
Sean Teegarden
Art Center College of Design

True Character





Sean Teegarden was born, raised, and home schooled in Downey, California, by two awesome parents. From a young age, Sean had a camera in his hands and on many occasions became frustrated with capturing a finger in the lens, covering his artistic compositions. Graduating high school early, Sean went to Cerritos College where he developed his love of photography in the darkroom. His inspiration for imagery comes from experiences in the Boy Scouting Program, his religious background, and love of 1950’s television. Currently, Sean is attending Art Center College of Design. He will graduate in December and work towards attaining his dream job.

Communication objective
It is said that the masters of old would paint in the flaws on their subjects as a finishing touch, a method of making paintings real. In this series, I made true characteristics of these people blatantly apparent. I wanted viewers to see every little detail that many would call flaws — I see them as True Character.

Tools used
Using the file’s Red, Green, and Blue Channels, I found which color contained the most contrast that enhanced the important details. I copied the information and pasted it into new layers. I used a series of blend modes and layer masks to bring out striking detail and retain great value and color. I employed burn/dodge layers to emphasize shadows and finally employed sharpening and blurring to make every little “Character” jump off the page.

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Dec 12

2007 Adobe Design Achievement Award Digital Illustration: Winner

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Digital Illustration: Winner
Jörg Block
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Research Calendar of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences 2008





Jörg Block worked several years as a graphic designer in e-business companies, handling print and corporate design, and web and screen design. Then he started to study illustration at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Department of Design, Media and Information). At first he fully dedicated himself to artistic basics and to freeform graphic arts and painting. Now he wishes to combine his previous experience from graphic design with a more artistic approach. His special interest is creating illustrations that comment on editorial content in an idiosyncratic and pointed way.
Communication objective
The illustrations were created for the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences research calendar. Each month illustrates a different project to demonstrate the variety of the university’s research activities for the general public. I used striking, funny, or droll images to inspire spontaneous interest in the featured research subjects. I intended the images to stimulate viewer curiosity about the concrete research activities referenced on the back of each calendar page and hope the viewer reads the detailed information there. The illustration subjects include marketing bio food, logistics systems, anesthesia technology, joining technology, bio diesel, and packaging.
Tools used
I started by researching the featured subjects. I created pencil-and-paper sketches and converted the sketches to vector art in Adobe® Illustrator®. I created all the forms using the rectangle and ellipse shapes, the pencil tools, or by combining shapes with the Pathfinder. I defined colors with CMYK values and built a color library. My illustrations feature pure color surfaces, linear and radial gradients, adjustment objects, transparencies, and various fill methods.

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Dec 06

Bedroom Design

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Of all the rooms in your house, your bedroom is the last space you would visit before you retire to take a good night sleep. It is where your body lies in deep solitude as it relaxes and rejuvenates the lost energy for the day. Hence, it is important to come up with a relaxing mood when conceptualizing bedroom decorating ideas, here are a few pictures with bedroom designs that will help you make an idea of how you want to style your bedroom. For more inspiration visit the bedroom section on our website.


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Dec 06

53 Ultimate Tips For Better Photoshopping

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  • Press Tab will hide tool bar and palette, Shift+Tab will hide only palette.
  • Hold Shift + click the top blue bar for toolbar and palette will move them to the nearest edge.
  • Double click the top blue bar, on any palette window, to minimize it.
  • Double click the gray background will bring up open file option, Hold Shift+double click will open up the browser.
  • Sick of the default gray background around your image? Select paint bucket, hold shift and click on the gray background, it will change to whatever color you have in your foreground color box.
  • In Photoshop, all “Cancel” buttons in a window can be changed to a “Reset” button by holding Alt.
  • Caps lock will switch your cursor for accuracy.
  • Press F button, it will switch between 3 different screen modes and give you more working area.
  • To draw a straight line, click then move to the end point and hold shift + click.
  • Hold Ctrl will temporary make any tool into move tool until you release Ctrl.
  • Ctrl + Alt and click drag the image, it will make a duplication of the current image over lay on top.
  • Hold Space bar, it will make any tool into “Hand Tool” until you release Space bar.
  • While in Zoom Tool, Ctrl+space = zoom in, alt+space = zoom out.
  • Hold Ctrl and press “+” or “-” it will change the % for image in navigator window.
  • When Using eyedropper tool to capture foreground color, hold Alt and click, it will instantly capture the color for background.
  • With Measure Tool, draw a line then hold Alt and draw another line from the end of the first line, it will measure the angle.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Z and Ctrl+Shift+Z will go back and forth in the history.
  • Alt+Backspace and Ctrl+Backspace will fill in the whole screen with foreground color or background color, Shift+backspace will bring up option window, Alt+Shift+Backspace and Ctrl+Shift+Backspace, will fill the image with foreground or background color but will leave the alpha transparent area alone.
  • When free transforming with Ctrl+T, hold Alt to keep the original image and then to transform a duplicated layer of it. Ctrl+Shift+T to repeat whatever you did in the last transform.
  • To make sure your Crop is on the edge of the image, hold Ctrl while cropping.
  • Ctrl+J will duplicate the current layer.
  • Ctrl+Shift+E will merge all visible layers to one layer, Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E will make a copy of the original and merge all visible layers.
  • While using Marquee Tools, hold Alt it will make the starting point as a center of the selection.
  • Ctrl + D to deselect, Ctrl+Shift+D to reselect what you deselected.
  • While selecting with Marquee tool, pressing the space bar can allow you to move the selection.
  • Hold Alt while clicking on the eye icon beside the layer, it will hide all other layers.
  • Hold Alt while clicking the pen icon beside the layer, it will unchain this layer from all layers.
  • Select a layer, hold Alt and click the top edge of another layer, it will group them.
  • File> Automate > Contact Sheet: this can create a small thumbnail for every file, this can save you some time from searching.
  • After, draw a path on the image with pen tool, Ctrl+shift+H can hide/show it.
  • Ctrl+Tab allows you to switch between different image files you are working on.
  • F12 = Revert to how the file was the last time you saved it.
  • Holding Shift + Alt while transforming an object will do it proportionally, from the center.
  • To center an image, Ctrl + A , Ctrl + X, Ctrl + V, I think it also puts that image on a new layer.
  • Ctrl+E will merge the highlighted layer down to the next
  • When you have a brush selected, using [ or ] will scroll up or down that brush list.
  • Double clicking the zoom tool will make the image 100%, double clicking the hand tool will fit the image to your screen resolution.
  • Ctrl + Alt + T to make a copy of the layer in which you want to transform.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Right arrow. duplicates the layer you are on.
  • Ctrl+[plus key] will let you zoom in on an image anytime while Ctrl+[minus key] zooms out. Ctrl+Alt+[plus key] will zoom in AND RESIZE the window to fit the image size… same for Ctrl+Alt+[minus key] as well.
  • Pressing X will switch the selected foreground and background colors.
  • Pressing D will reset the foreground and backgrounds colors to black and white.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Z will do multiple undo, versus just one.
  • Ctrl+click a layer thumbnail to select the layer transparency
  • To see what your layer mask looks like (and edit it), Alt+click its thumbnail in the layers palette
  • When using Polygon lasso tool hold Shift to make a perfect line, it goes every 30 degrees
  • Stamp Tool (s) is used to copy an area of image (defined by alt+clicking and area) and paint it somewhere else (cloning). It also works when you have multiple images open at the same time. Alt click an area of any opened file image and paint it anywhere else.
  • And remember, pressing enter when you type will take you to a new line just like typing a letter but pressing Ctrl+Enter or Enter on numeric key will finish what you type.
  • Pressing Tab key will hide the Tools palette and any other palette that you have on the stage. Pressing “F” will change between Full Screen modes. Using these two tips you can view your work Full Screen without any palettes.(You can press CTL+Alt+0 to fit your work to the screen, or you can press CTL+0 to zoom to 100%)
  • Pressing the “+” and “-” keys while holding down CTL+Alt will resize the whole document window, not just the work area.
  • Ctrl+click a layer (in layers palette) to select it’s transparency.
  • Ctrl+Alt+click between 2 layers in the palette to group them.
  • If you have a mini scroll on your mouse, you may use that to zoom in (scroll up) or zoom out (scroll down).

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Dec 06



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Aug 12

The White Shirt gets the Revamp (Guys look here!)

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Walking into Topman isn’t a pretty sight.  If the faux nu-rave window display complete with propped up neon tubes highlighting the poorly styled mannequins, clad in neon-super-tight-cutting-off-circulation-to-the-downstairs-area skinny jeans and various logo-ed t-shirts that are supposed to shout out in a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ (don’t you find that people throw this phrase around way too often….suddenly everything is a bit cheeky….well, it’s not…) manner that ‘Yeah, Rave is Great!’ but actually singles the wearer out as an absolute idiot. 

Then the store itself.  Unfortunately, whereas going to Topshop for a girl is fantastico in terms of the array of wares on sale and nifty features like a nail bar, hairdressers, cafe for one to shop in (bar Saturdays…Topshop will always be hellish on a Saturday….), going to Topman can be a bit of a chore.  For a start, there’s only one floor so that same array of wares isn’t really going to be on offer for guys and narrowmindedly, they don’t cater to all tastes either. 

Another thing is that Topshop partakes in regular collaborations with designers all the time to bring about interesting diffusion lines.  Preen, Marios Schwab, Christopher Kane, Emma Cook are just some of the names they have worked with (and fund in their New Generation programme).  Topman have only just started to dip their toes by funding the MAN fashion show, showcasing fresh menswear designers at London Fashion Week and now they have gone and done something that I think will bring them up to speed with their sister store.

As part of a series of ongoing projects that invites a selection of designers to interpret their vision of a certain garment, the first of these projects is ‘The White Shirt’.  I think most people reach a certain age when they think ‘Actually, back to basics doesn’t mean I’m a boring old fart’ and certainly with a white shirt I’m interested in how designers can push the limit with it.  Like the revamp that the white shirt got from the CDFA winner designers at Gap, guys don’t miss out here with Topman”s take on the white shirt. 

Ute Ploier has done a biker style shirt with ribbed cuffs and hem with shoulder detailing:


Deryck Walker has added elasticated embellishment to the sleeves and the back:

Personally I feel it’s quite overpriced, particularly with some of the shirts. The strongest, in my opinion, is the Ute Ploier biker jacket and the Deryck Walker elasticated version, with its ‘distinct sportswear feel’ (below left). They feel like the most useful and least gimmicky; you could imagine wearing the Ute one in a million different ways:

Carola Euler has incorporated a detachable collar as well as a thin tie so that you can wear it in various ways:

Siv Stoldal’s geometric print mixes up the texture by adding sheen to the squares:

Richard Nicoll who has love affairs with the white shirt for his womenswear collection went all out on this Western-styled shirt, with square buttons, a bib front and also a star stitched on the back.  I did think the star was a bit over-kill but when everything is in stark white cotton, all is forgiven.

The Topman Design team have also had a go at the white shirt by applying a trompe d’oeil effect of a creased, worn shirt:

I’d be interested to see how these series of projects develop and with what other designers they will work with, on what other garments.  For this reason alone, I hope The White Shirt is a sell-out hit.  I may even contribute by buying the Ute Ploier for myself.  Go, on, make Topman a better place – they hit the stores and online on August 24th and the shirts are £50 a pop.

Still, it’s well-presented and another interesting project (could you imagine Burton, Reiss or Gap doing something as artistic or relevant as this?) and I haven’t seen them in the flesh yet, so I could be pleasantly surprised. But part of me just thinks you’d get more wear out of a decent quality, well-fitted white shirt, and that undermines what I think the whole project’s about.

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