Apr 19

Robot completes Marathon – six days late – almost 120 hours after setting off.

Fundraiser Lloyd Scott, who was inside the 9ft 3” costume, crossed the finishing line in the Mall just before 9am this morning where he was greeted by England and Wasps rugby player James Haskell.

Exhausted after spending almost five days walking on specially built stilts inside the 70lb costume, Scott said: “I’m really pleased to have reached the finishing line and am really grateful to the people of London who have supported me ever step of the way.

“The fact that the London Marathon can accommodate the world’s elite runners and charity fundraisers like me means it’s the best in the world.”

Scott, 46, from Rainham, Essex, raised more than £20,000 for the Autism Trust.

He added: “I chose the robot outfit because there is a view that people with autism live this robotic existence but actually they can flourish with a little bit of help.”

And despite earning a well-deserved rest, the father-of-three is already planning his next charity raising stunt.

He said: “My calves are screaming in agony because no matter how much you train, nothing prepares you for covering 26 miles on stilts dressed as a robot.

“I might do a few half marathons in the costume and then next year we’re planning something really big which involves a dinosaur so watch this space.”

The former firefighter and leukaemia slept in fire stations en route during the walk.

He has raised more than £5 million for charity through various fundraising challenges including completing the London and New York marathons wearing a deep sea diving suit, an underwater marathon in Loch Ness and cycling from Perth to Sydney on a Penny Farthing.

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