May 09

‘In Search of Missing Pieces’ is a series of original sculptures by French artist Bruno Catalono.

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Apr 14

IT TAKES a lot to get teenagers’ minds off sex at the best of times – and in the bedroom it’s next to impossible. So it’s little wonder that one charity is turning to the most shocking of shock tactics to remind young people to use condoms.


AIDES, a French NGO, has created a series of posters depicting a couple making love – in which one of the pair is, unusually, a giant creepy-crawly.

And while having a pair of legs wrapped around you in a passionate embrace sounds entertaining, when it’s four pairs, it looks a lot less fun.

In one, a woman is seen getting seriously intimate with a massive spider. In another, a man is caught in flagrante with a scorpion the size of a grizzly bear, its poison sting inches from his back. The idea is to suggest that no matter how attractive your partner may be, they could have a STD bug of their own – one that could kill you as easily as any spider bite.

The slogan for the adverts reads: “Without a condom you’re making love with Aids. Protect yourself.”


But do you think shock tactics like these would encourage people to use a condom? Leave your comments below…

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Oct 07

Before we get true images from the 2009 calendar here are some preview pics and vid.
They can be found on and
I recorded the sample vid, here is download link on Rapidshare DDS2009 Making of Calendar Preview.

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