Jan 11

BONO, George Clooney and Jay-Z have all appeared in a spoof video for departing Microsoft Boss Bill Gates. Gates is hanging up his keyboard this summer after creating one of the biggest and most powerful companies in the world.

The stars appeared in the video as the Microsoft Founder decided to have the last laugh on his colleagues with a spoof video of his last day on the job.

The video called Bill’s Last Day illustrated how the 53-year-old might spend his last full day at Microsoft, and his relentless pursuit of a new “day job.”

In the footage Gates is seen working out in the gym with his trainer played by Matthew McConaughey.

Then rapping in the sound studio to Jay-Z, interrupting Bono’s U2 concert to vie for a spot in the band and beseeching Steven Spielberg for a movie gig.

George Clooney’s then refuses to play Gates in a film.

The six minute video was showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show 2008 on Monday during his 11th and last keynote speech.

It has now been viewed over 300,000 hits on the video website You Tube.

Gates, who is set to leave the company in July, explained it will be the first time since he was 17 years old he wouldn’t be working full-time at the company he created.


Goodbye, Bill Gates !!!!!

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