Jan 15

Destroyed apple products

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apple destroyed products by michael tompert and paul fairchild
all photos by michael tompert and paul fairchild

a series of smashed, mangled, shot up and melted apple products are the subject of
a recent photography project by a san francisco-area graphic designer who said he’s
trying to make people think about their relationship with these universally beloved gadgets.

michael tompert said he had spent the last several months purchasing the newest in apple
consumer technology and then creatively destroying the pricey toys. the results, which
he photographed, briefly went on display at a gallery exhibition that ran over the weekend
at the small live worms gallery in san francisco.

tompert said the idea for the project came to him after he gave each of his two sons
an ipod touch for christmas. he said the two boys fought over one of the devices, which
had a certain game on it. fed up with the quarrel, tompert said he grabbed one of the ipods
and smashed it on the ground.

‘they were kind of stunned – the screen was broken and this liquid poured out of it.
I got my camera to shoot it,’ tompert said. ‘my wife told me that i should do something with it.’
in all, tompert created 12 images of destroyed apple products, working with his friend
paul fairchild, a photographer. ‘they had to be a brand-new product,’ tompert said.
‘it’s not about destroying old products. it’s about our relationship with the new.’

his methods of destruction varied by gadget. to destroy an iphone 3g device, he used a
heckler & koch handgun to blow a hole through it. to obliterate a set of ipod nanos,
he placed the devices on a train track so that a locomotive would run over them.

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Apr 22


If you carry a Blackberry, iPod or iPhone, do you have to look like you have no style at all? Cute accessory bags are fine for weekend hiking trips, just like boring “business like” cases are fine for, well, boring people, but for the power lunch with the merger guys or cocktails in high places, you’ll want this bag made of gold python-print Italian leather.


Grab you platinum credit cards, a few large bills, your well-travelled passport, and your ever-present favourite device/s — there’s a slot for each in this baby — and you are set. The bags are hand-made in Spain, the internal lining is satin and the colour options are gold and black with new – Anthracite, Pearl and Cobalt Blue with a hot pink snake trim.. Oh, and you need to decide if you’d prefer python or rattler. Of course, you could choose the chic creamy-soft lamb but isn’t that a bit too tame? The gold python Blackberry clutch is available exclusively through us. How much you ask? $340.


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Dec 29

JUST been given a really cool new gadget for Christmas but a little unsure how to use it?


Got a sluggish or frozen phone?

Perform a hard reset by holding down the Home key and Power button together for 10 seconds.

Don’t pay for ringtones

Use Garageband on an Apple Mac to create your own. Press the Cycle Region button to choose a song, then go to Share in the main menu and choose “Send Ringtone to iTunes”.


Always back-up your files

Purchase an SD memory card to store your work on

Easy Internet in the right view

Maximise the limited screen size by pressing F11 – this will put it into full screen mode.


Don’t delay the downloading

Connect your TomTom to your computer via TomTom Home within 30 days of purchase to download the latest maps for free.


Jump the games queue

The PS3 has no regional protection on games, so if you want to play the latest launches early, purchase the USA or Japanese versions.

Get a simple upscale

When watching a DVD on the PS3 using a high-definition HDTV, press Triangle and select AV settings, there will be an option to perform a full HD upscale of the film.

XBOX 360

Perform a simple shutdown

Turn off the wireless controller or console by holding down the silver button in the middle of the control pad.


Get some Wii for free

Access thousands of FREE online Adobe Flash-based games using the internet web browser on your Wii. Check


Find the fastest keyboard access

Place your finger at the bottom of the screen and swipe up to reveal the keyboard. Place your finger on any top row key and swipe down to hide. This avoids having to go through the menu option.

Maximize your screen

A quick tap (not click) on the screen while in the web browser activates full screen mode and hides the toolbar.


Make room for some extra storage

Obtain more storage memory by clearing out your Browser and Streetview cache. (Settings – Applications – Manage Applications – Browser – Clear Data – Streetview – Clear Data)

Instant image saving

To save a picture from the internet, press and hold on the image for three seconds, or select it with the trackball and save via the pop-up menu.


Work from home

Check your HD telly for a PC monitor input, either labeled PC or RGB. Plug in your laptop to create a giant PC monitor.

Contrast comparison

Always try and aim to get the highest contrast ratio possible to ensure a clear image


Find the time to read

Press Alt-T while on the Home screen or reading a book to display the time.

Then find the time to play

On the Home screen press Shift Alt-M, to start playing a copy of the Minesweeper game.

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Aug 26

Worker Accidentally Takes Pictures of iPhone Factory (On iPhone)

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We’ve seen pictures from the factory coming loaded on new iPhones before, but this is the first time we’ve seen what appear to be intentional snapshots loaded on a new iPhone. Surprise: the person who put your iPhone together is a cute girl!

This is has got to be one of the coolest thing in our digital, mass-production, globalized age.

iPhone factory girl, you are now world-famous. you knew this was going to happen, right?

The photos were found on a new iPhone shipped to the UK, and one of the pictures was even set as the home screen. Aaaaaaadorable!

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