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David Blaine Is Either The Baddest Man On The Planet Or The Biggest You-Know-What On The Planet

David Blaine Takes Two Punches From Kimbo Slice

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David Blaine is a douche bag “magician” whose “tricks” have included being in a block of ice, standing on a pole, being underwater for almost 9 minutes, and last night where he supposedly hung upside down for 60 hours.

Well in the lead up to him coming down from being upside down then going back up and disappearing, ABC ran a few other “tricks”. One of those included being punched in the stomach twice by Kimbo Slice.

You might be thinking,”What’s the big deal? People get punched in the stomach all the time.” Blaine was actually reenacting the very same thing that Harry Houdini did that ended up killing him, when Houdini suffered a ruptured appendix from multiple blows (Note: May not have actually happened).


Kevin ‘Kimbo Slice’ Ferguson, who fights for Elite XC – a rival promotion of the UFC – took part in the illusionist’s recent TV programme ‘David Blaine: Dive of Death’.

Blaine replicated a trick that took the life of Harry Houdini, who claimed he could take any shot to his stomach.

But Houdini suffered a ruptured appendix after the blow and later died from his injuries.

In the show, Blaine is seen stepping inside a practice cage where Slice trains.

The MMA favourite unleashed two devastating punches to Blaine’s abdomen but the magic man amazingly remained on his feet.

Afterwards, Blaine revealed he had chosen Slice to take part in the stunt because he is one of the few people he fears.



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