Apr 20

Madonna does the hoovering…

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Often’s the time I’ve pondered the domestic set-up of celebs.

Who picks up the pubes from the bathroom floor in the TomKat house? Who scrapes off the hard bits of porridge after breakfast in the Paltrow/Martin kitchen?

And who gets vaccuume duty in the Ciccone/Ritchey mansion?Here’s your answer in visual form: Madonna does the hoovering, it seems!

A video has turned up on YouTube showing the Material Girl getting into some heavy housekeeping…

See the vid after the jump:

WITH £450 million in the bank you’d think Madonna could afford at least a cleaner – but apparently not.
The  49-year-old Queen of Pop has posted a hilarious video of herself on youtube hovering the floors on the set of her latest music video.

Wearing a little black dress, knee high boots and lots of bling she’s stomps on the off button and says:  “As you can see everyone’s f**ked off and I’ve got to do all the cleaning myself.

“A woman’s work is never done. Cleanliness is next to godliness.”

The four-minute clip  seems to be a sarcastic swipe at  web users for making their own videos to her music.  Meanwhile Madge was back on mother duty last night as she took her adopted son David Banda out to celebrity restaurant San Lorenzo.

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Apr 19

Madonnas new single GIVE IT 2 ME(leaked) what u think?

This gonna b the 2nd single from Hard Candy, have to say, I quite like it actually…:-)

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Apr 07

Madonna is HOT
she looks better than Britney Spears!
and Britney is 26 years old and Madonna is 50! danm!

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Apr 04

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The Prophecy, a unique digital project created by Aymeric Giraudel for Beautifulmag and brought to you by BeautifulMag on January 21st 2008.
Visit for the latest updates and on The Prophecy.

This video’s background is “the Beast WithinMarie Kairu’s singing (beautiful voice) and Madonna’s reading a verse of the Bible.

I have to say this is a picture of an incredible beauty. It is impressive, stunning. It must be seen absolutely. Very beautiful video,technically perfect. Love the incredible handle of images and creativity. Have some close look:

All through history there have been men and women with visionary ideas, that provoked a lot of protest of less adventurous people. When the first photographs came to existence, people looked upon it with doubt and anxiety. When digital photography came to existence, this technology too was baulked at. Little did we know that digital photography would become a new art and bring to life a society of modern magicians. And Aymeric Giraudel is a magicians master.

It took over 7 months of work and 35 different models – both amateurs and professionals – and many, many shots to create the incredible dynamic poses, to bring The Prophecy to life. It has become a work full of symbolism, sensation and emotion. Dynamic action that all concentrates around one character who, in a matter of speaking, ascents from the clashing human behavior, and becomes a personification from true beauty, like a phoenix from the flames.

Aymeric Giraudel’s work are captures of his dreams and visions of the future. Full of symbolism and surreal situations. Each piece that finds its origin in Aymeric’s creative brain tells us a story. He created The Prophecy specially for you, as a free high resolution download:




But be nice, if you want to use it for commercial purpose, ask Beautifulmag’s permission to do so.

If this wonderful project has triggered your curiosity about this talented man, please visit the two part interview Beautiful had with Aymeric last year February: Digital Wizard Part 1 and Digital Wizard Part 2. Aymeric Giraudel is a man with a vision and the talent to visualize it.

Link:   Chronicles of Desire | Soon on BeautifulMag

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