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Metro marry me man says yes

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A gay man who proposed on the front page of 16 November 2010’s Metro newspaper is celebrating after his partner said yes.

Their engagement may have been overshadowed by Prince William and Kate Middleton, but before that story broke today this gay proposal had captured the attention of commuters across the UK.

Jon Mark Ireland was one of the winners of a competition to design the cover of the British free national paper and used it to pop the question to his boyfriend of almost five years, Ben Daniel Collins.

Ireland, 27, was worried Collins would miss seeing the paper that day despite being an avid Metro reader. But the 23-year-old spotted one under the arm of a fellow commuter on the London Underground and, seeing his own name, instantly panicked.

Reading the message he texted Ireland, jokingly promising “I’m going to kill you.”

But when they were able to speak a few hours later, Collins gave his partner a resounding “yes!”

Ireland said: “He said that he was a bit horrified to see his name but he was happy so it was a good job, I suppose.”

And he wasn’t bothered by William and Kate stealing their thunder. “Ben’s a royalist, he loves all that,” Ireland said.

He added that winning the competition and getting a yes from his partner had been “magical”.

The pair from Woodford, London are now considering tying the knot around the time of their fifth anniversary in May, perhaps at Kent’s spectacular Leeds Castle.

Metro, launched in 1999, is the UK’s third biggest daily national newspaper, read by an estimated 3.5 million people.

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