Jun 26

KING of pop MICHAEL JACKSON died last night after a massive heart attack.

He collapsed and stopped breathing after an injection of a powerful painkiller named Demerol.

Jacko, 50, was said to be addicted to the drug – similar to morphine – and it is feared he took an overdose.

Paramedics who raced to his Los Angeles home after an emergency call found he had no pulse. And frantic attempts to revive him failed.

The Thriller star, who had been fighting skin cancer, was due to start a series of comeback concerts in London next month.

Instead, millions of shocked fans around the globe are today mourning a legend.

Emergency … paramedics’ monitor shows Jacko – a ’50 year old male’ – was ‘not breathing at all’ when the 911 call was received


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Jan 30

Tube passengers perform Michael Jackson’s Thriller on a carriage. The other commuters look unimpressed.

The clip is a big hit on YouTube. However, it is not the wannabe zombies that get the rave reviews but the ‘don’t embarrass me, I’m English’ reaction of the commuters on the District line.
One viewer said: ‘This is amazing!!! Slick as hell. I love the people who pretend they’re not interested.’
Another Internet watcher said: ‘The polite applause at the end is the best bit – very British.’

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