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French Banksy makes budding snapper a star

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Widely travelled: The face of unwitting model Jon Cartwright (Photo courtesy of Jon Cartwright)

His face is on walls, doors and, er, skips across the world but if he walked past you in the street you probably wouldn’t recognise him.

Amateur photographer Jon Cartwright has become a global phenomenon after a self-portrait he posted on the web inspired France’s answer to Banksy.

Before he could say ‘internet stardom’, the 33-year-old’s picture app­eared on the streets of New York, London, Paris and Sao Paulo.

‘I’d be lying if I pret­ended I didn’t get a big kick out of it,’ said Mr Cartwright, a web manager from Southwark, south-east London.

‘His work is inc­redible. It’s quite nice to be involved.’

His face painted on a London skip

His rise to fame began in February when he posted on website Flickr a photo he took of himself smoking a cigarette.

He then received a message from a Paris-based artist who calls himself C215.

‘This is a great picture of you. I will provide you soon or later a surprise,’ he wrote cryptically.

Puff of smoke: Jon appears on a doorway in France

Mr Cartwright soon found his face appearing all over the world, his photo forming the base for a stencil.

‘A picture I took as a lighting experiment more than anything else has taken on a life of its own,’ he said.

Despite the partnership, the budding male model has never met C215, whose real name is Christian Guemy.

Jon’s face turns up on a shutter in Morocco

The best they have done is exchange e-mails in a bizarre cross-Channel rel­ationship.

‘It shows how the internet allows people to collaborate in strange ways,’ added Mr Cartwright.

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May 24

From: Metro

On the edge: The daredevil takes pictures of the sunset before leaping


this really the moment a photographer makes a daredevil jump – or is it a hoax?

The dramatic photographs were published this week but now rumours are circulating on the internet that it could be an elaborate stunt.
At first it seems the man, wearing a white t-shirt, jeans and flip-flops, risks his life to take a picture of the sunset. Photographer Hans van de Vorst, who took the photos of another photographer at the Grand Canyon, Arizona, told of gasps from other tourists as the man jumped between two rocks – with a one kilometre drop below.

But according to one website,, it is no leap of faith.

The truth it claims is that the photos were taken at a clever angle which fools viewers into thinking it is a big drop.

In Van de Horst’s version of events, he says minutes earlier the man had been casually sunbathing on a rock column – and even downed a six-pack of beer.

A crowd of onlookers then gasped as he tucked his camera and tripod under his arm and leapt across the 2.4m wide (8ft) gap – grasping hold of the opposing rock face with just one hand. 


Van de Horst, a marketing consultant, from Veenendaal in Holland, says he watched in disbelief as the man took a picture of the Arizona sunset before making the leap.

‘When we arrived he was just taking in the scenery and people were discussing how he managed to get on there in the first place,’ he said.


‘Nobody even bothered with the sunset – everyone’s eyes were on this man and how he was going to get off the rock.

‘He looked really relaxed and casually stood up before jumping across the gap.

‘There was complete silence as he packed his things up and then a few gasps when he jumped. ‘He didn’t grab the rock properly the first time and slipped back about half a metre before clinging on to it. Even then he didn’t look fazed.’

Mr Van de Vorst, 47, said the drop was more than one kilometre.

Pinnacle: where he placed his tripod

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