Dec 12

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Soo Jin An
Kookmin University

Part of my life




Soo Jin was born in Korea and studies Visual Communication at Kookmin University in Seoul. She lives in an urban setting but likes to experience nature. Soo Jin cultivates a roof garden with flowers and trees, and it is a major source of artistic inspiration. She also gains inspiration by talking with and listening to other people. She recently became entranced by vector images but looks forward to experiencing all kinds of graphic design media after her graduation.

Communication objective
Various kinds of expressions exist on an object’s face, just as on human faces. While humans create objects, they do not create their expressions. The face, formed accidentally from an object in everyday life, claims its own existence. As we discover an object’s facial image it evolves into another image through analysis and recomposition. Enjoy the infinite possibilities!

Tools used
All the graphics were generated using Adobe® Illustrator® CS.

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