Feb 12

US and Russian Satellite crash in Space

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For the first time in history (at least publicly known) two satellites collided in Space. This space accident was happening 485miles over Siberia already on Tuesday.

The US satellite is owned by Satellite phone service provider Iridium. The Russian satellite is said to be not in use anymore.

The crash generated a huge cloud of debris and it is expected to take weeks until the “dust settles” again. NASA says that there is no risk to the ISS right now. Space agencies are tracking the debris of the satellite crash and hope most of it burns in the earth atmosphere.

The orbit around earth is already pretty full with satellites and with debris. At some point they really need to clean up.

More details on BBC News and Reuters. See also the Iridium site.



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May 16

Mapping the earthquake zone

Up to 50,000 people are feared to have died in the devastating earthquake that hit China’s Sichuan province on Monday. Click on the map to find out more about some of the worst-affected places.

Mianzhu area b4 China earthquake:

Mianzhu area after China earthquake:

You can see that river already been blocked by mud-rock flow, could cause flood anytime.

quake lake

quake lake

quake lake


quake lake

quake lake

quake lake

quake lake

quake lake


Abandoned BeiChuan——The town will disappear from map soon

More China earthquake News photo and video update please visit here:

China: At least 62,664 die in killer earthquake

satellite and helicopter photos of china earthquake

Chinese couple’s wedding photo when the earthquake struck

Earthquake In China Unnoticed By Google?

Earthquake cloud, Chinese photographer catch prediction 2 days before earthquake occurred

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