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Watch Sir Alan Sugar announces his decision 

Recruitment sales manager Lee McQueen has become Sir Alan Sugar’s fourth Apprentice – despite having been caught lying on his CV earlier in the series.

McQueen, from Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, said he had to take “a deep breath” when the tycoon told him “you’re hired” in the hit BBC show.

The 30-year-old beat three other hopefuls to land a £100,000 job alongside Sir Alan.

He said he would buy his girlfriend new shoes with his first pay cheque.

“I’m also trying to negotiate with Alan to see if I can have a holiday in South Africa,” he added.

As well as planning to lease a new Porsche, he also said he wanted to help his mother get central heating in her flat.

Final showdown

The series pitches aspiring entrepreneurs to prove themselves in the world of business in the hope of winning a contract to work alongside Sir Alan, who made his fortune after founding technology firm Amstrad.

McQueen was pitched against fellow hopefuls Alex Wotherspoon, Claire Young and Helene Speight in a task to create a men’s fragrance.

But Wotherspoon and Speight’s efforts were not good enough for Sir Alan, who called McQueen and Young – a retail buyer nicknamed The Rottweiler – back for one final showdown.

Sir Alan told the pair: “Claire, you have some great attributes and Lee, you’re very convincing. You are very, very, very convincing. I’ve concluded… Lee, you’re hired.”

“When I heard those words ‘you’re hired’ it took a couple of seconds to sink in,” McQueen said.

“What swung it for me was when I rolled off my record to Sir Alan. I’ve been a project manager three times, won three times and never been in the boardroom.

“Claire doesn’t need anyone to feel sorry for her but I am gutted for her. I believed at some point that Sir Alan would choose her. She probably went through the biggest journey.”

‘Very emotional’

He added: “I’m a big softie and when we learnt we were the final two it was very emotional.”

McQueen – who earned £78,000 last year – has been asked by Sir Alan to launch a digital advertising product which will come under one of the tycoon’s “portfolio of companies”.

He said he was “very ashamed” to have been caught lying on his CV in an episode when he was also hauled over the coals for his poor spelling.

“It lost me some of my integrity,” he said.

“I got a good grilling and I deserved it, and I learned from my mistake. It won’t happen again.”

Profiles: Apprentice finalists

Alex Wotherspoon
Age: 25
From: Bolton
Job: Regional sales manager
Form: 5 wins, 5 losses

Alex was project manager of Team Renaissance in the first week and narrowly avoided being fired for his handling of the fish task. His second stint as project manager was more successful, his team recording a convincing win in the advertising challenge.

His best performance came in the car rental task when he made the lion’s share of his team’s winning total. But his reticent style has drawn criticism from Sir Alan’s aide Margaret Mountford, who said he “backed so far off” in Week Four “he was practically out of the door”.

Alex began his working life as a landscape gardener before going to Texas to work as a loan officer. He has consistently attributed his lack of experience to his relatively young age.

Claire Young
Age: 29
From: Wakefield
Job: Senior retail buyer
Form: 3 wins, 7 losses

Claire has been project manager twice, winning on both occasions. But she has also been brought back into the boardroom five times, more than any other finalist.

Initially her abrasive style and talkativeness provoked Sir Alan’s ire, though he has since been impressed by her apparent willingness to take his criticisms onboard. Though her team lost the advertising task, she received praise from Nick Hewer for her presentation skills.

Convent educated, single girl Claire spent a year at medical school before taking a degree in Equine Science. She also spent three seasons as a Club 18-30 holiday rep in Magaluf on the Spanish island of Majorca.

Helene Speight
Age: 32
From: Leeds
Job: Global pricing leader
Form: 5 wins, 5 losses

Helene, the oldest of the remaining candidates, has been project manager twice. Her team won the photography task under her leadership but lost the wedding challenge.

A “ballsy Northerner” who has worked for General Electric since 2000, Helene has succeeded in a very masculine environment. Over the course of the series she has revealed details about her difficult childhood.

This has cut little ice with Sir Alan, though, who has expressed concerns whether her corporate background make her suitable for a role in his organisation. She came close to being fired in Week 10 when he likened her posture to that of the Mona Lisa.

Lee McQueen
Age: 30
From: Princes Risborough
Job: Recruitment sales manager
Form: 7 wins, 3 losses

Lee has been project manager twice, winning on both occasions. Unlike the other candidates, he has never been among the final three brought back into the boardroom.

That did not stop him getting a rough ride in the interview episode, when he was hauled over the coals for his poor spelling and for lying on his CV.

Lee grew up in Middlesex but now lives in Buckinghamshire. He works as a Sales Manager for the Capita group and loves football and rugby.

He is best known for his oft-repeated catchphrase “That’s what I’m talking about!” and his exuberant impression of a “reverse pterodactyl”.

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May 25

Russian singer Dima Bilan has won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Bilan is one of Russia’s biggest pop stars and his heartfelt ballad Believe, produced by US R&B star Timbaland, gave Russia its first ever Eurovision win.

YouTube Preview Image

 Abraham received six points from San Marino – who were taking part for the first time – and eight from Ireland.

Ukraine’s Ani Lorak came second with her energetic disco track Shady Lady, followed by Greece with upbeat pop song Secret Combination by Kalomira.

But British talent show runner-up Andy Abraham came last with his song Even If, gaining just 14 points.

Germany and Poland also received 14 points each, but they officially finished above the UK because their top scores in a single round were higher.

Dima Bilan won with a stage show that included Olympic figure skating champion Evgeni Plushenko performing on a small ice circle.

Bilan is a well-known performer throughout Russia and beyond, having been named best artist at the country’s MTV Awards for the past three years in a row.

He took part in Eurovision in 2006, finishing second behind Finnish rock monsters Lordi.

He has recorded an album in English with Timbaland, including a duet with Canadian singer Nelly Furtado, and hopes to use it to break into the international market later this year.

This year’s other entrants included Latvian pirates, a Finnish heavy rock group, a 75-year-old Croatian rapper and French dance musician Sebastian Tellier, who has worked with Daft Punk and Air.

Swedish singer Charlotte Perrelli, who won the event in 1999, was another hot tip and was picked as the winner in a Europe-wide BBC poll before the event.

But she failed to become the first female singer to win the contest twice.

The show was opened in front of 20,000 fans at the Belgrade Arena by last year’s winner Marija Serifovic.

The 20 countries that came through the semi-finals joined hosts Serbia plus the UK, France, Germany and Spain – the contest’s four biggest backers.


1. Russia: 272 points
2. Ukraine (above): 230
3. Greece: 218
4. Armenia: 199
5. Norway: 182

YouTube Preview Image

UK has a massive music background still it fails on eurovision. how come? I have to say this is slightly better than the shite we’ve had the past few years. But still shit. I don’t like Dima’s song too much, but Schooh last year and now this… we need someone like westlife to step up!

And, Sir Terry Wogan (who has been Eurovision commentator for more than 30 years) said he may quit as the BBC’s Eurovision commentator, what a sad news! He should shut up and disappear from TV at least 10 yrs ago! He said: “Andy Abraham gave, I think, the performance of his life with a song that certainly deserved far more points …”. Really? Maybe binman Andy just not talent enough to  deserve more points, he shouldnt been choosen at the first place. This 43-year-old ex-dustman could put the best of us to sleep. He is a joke, I really think my local council need him more than national TV. This “Even If” really embarrassing – like something from the early 80s, definitely your time, unfortunately, its overed.

Then, Sir Terry Wogan added: “Indeed, western European participants have to decide whether they want to take part from here on in because their prospects are poor.”  Come on, Sir, theres nothing about western European, those Eastern they love western European, they just dont like UK, UK only. I do  agreed it become neigbour selections, but look at us, we even cant get vote from our neigbour, because we r America’s bitch, because we have many arrogant, ignorant, stupid people here, like you Sir Terry Wogan.

Lets watch last 2 yrs entries again, Sir Terry Wogan, do you really think these shit deserved top 10?
UK’s trash entry for Eurovision 2007, Scooch – Flying The Flag:
YouTube Preview Image

UK’s trash entry for Eurovision 2006, Daz Sampson – Teenage Life:
YouTube Preview Image

Stop complian that its all about political, I dont buy it, If we still want play this game, it s time start taking Eurovision more ­seriously, but we need to go that extra distance like France, whose entry is by ­legitimate dance star ­Sebastien Tellier. Daft Punk have produced it, that’s how serious Le Frogs are. Maybe we could send a genuinely good artist with a decent song, instead of trying to second guess what we reckon the suckers in ­Europe will fall for.

And lets see Sir Terry Wogan announced wrong winner of Eurovision UK 2007, Wogan you bloated, talentless idiot!

YouTube Preview Image


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