Apr 14



director s cut directed by edouard salier

I saw this new smirnoff commercial on tv last month, and I was blown away. Super!!!!
I had to find out who made it. After some searching I found out it was done by Paranoid US and JWT

Click on the link and :)

In what first appears to perhaps be a movie trailer, we see aerial shots of the arctic North complete with dramatic iceberg cliffs, the clear blue sea, under sea ice flows and floating icebergs. It’s matched perfectly with a movie preview-style voiceover and continues as such until a giant dagger with blueberries on it smashes into a towering iceberg. As the camera pans in and then back it’s revealed the entire scene is a glass of Smirnoff North, a new, berry-flavored vodka. At the same time the scene changes a new voiceover steps in and completes the commercial.
We like the ad’s simplicity. It was created by JWT with effects rendered by Version2.

Smirnoff: Purified

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