Dec 25

Jeff Buckley’s ‘Hallelujah’ in chart battle with ‘X Factor’ version

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jeffbuckley160x120Late star Jeff Buckley scored his biggest ever hit last night when Hallelujah shot to number tow in the UK chart.

It finished just behind the version of the same song by X Factor winner Alexandra Burke, It is the first time that two versions of the same song have taken the top two positions in the chart for 51 years.

The last time such a feat occurred was in 1957 when Tommy Steele and Guy Mitchell held the top two positions with Singin’ The Blues when the charts were in their infancy.

Buckley’s 1994 version of Hallelujah, from his only complete album Grace, found a new lease of life thanks to an online campaignin response to the track being given to the X Factor victor. Buckley, who drowned in 1997, was not the only star whose archive version of the track made the chart – Leonard Cohen, the song’s author, was at number 36 with his original performance.

Burke’s track sold 576,000 copies in a week making it the fastest selling single by a female solo artist, beating another X Factor winner Leona Lewis’s A Moment Like This. Buckley sold 81,000 copies of Hallelujah simply on download.


Join the campaign to make Jeff Buckley’s version of Hallelujah the Christmas No1

Jeff Buckley for Xmas no 1 | Facebook

Buckley’s ‘Hallelujah’ – from his 1994 debut ‘Grace’ – is currently at number 43 in the charts, climbing six places from number 49 last week (November 30). The song has not been re-released physically.

There are several protest groups on social network sites such as Facebook urging fans of the song to buy Buckley‘s version and boycott the ‘X Factor’ one

See the video by clicking on the player below.

YouTube Preview Image

I heard there was a secret chord
that david played and it pleased the lord
but you don’t really care for music, do you
well it goes like this the fourth, the fifth
the minor fall and the major lift
the baffled king composing hallelujah


well your faith was strong but you needed proof
you saw her bathing on the roof
her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you
she tied you to her kitchen chair
she broke your throne and she cut your hair
and from your lips she drew the hallelujah


baby i’ve been here before
i’ve seen this room and i’ve walked this floor
i used to live alone before i knew you
i’ve seen your flag on the marble arch
but love is not a victory march
it’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah


well there was a time when you let me know
what’s really going on below
but now you never show that to me do you
but remember when i moved in you
and the holy dove was moving too
and every breath we drew was hallelujah

well, maybe there’s a god above
but all i’ve ever learned from love
was how to shoot somebody who outdrew you
it’s not a cry that you hear at night
it’s not somebody who’s seen the light
it’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah



Buckley’s version needs to be heard by a new generation before they start believing EOGHAN QUIGG, or whoever wins the ITV1 talent show, is the first person to sing it.

Fans of Buckley — who drowned in the Mississippi in 1997 — have launched an internet campaign to get it in the charts.


It is already on the verge of the Top 40 and with your help can become a surprise Christmas hit.

So if you love it or haven’t ever heard it, get downloading — it’s absolutely incredible.

I am mildly amused by SIMON COWELL choosing a song for his winner with the line: “You don’t really care for music, do you.”

But there is nothing wrong with new interpretations of timeless songs and it’s a great choice for The X Factor winner.

Buckley’s version is, of course, a cover too. But before kids start asking their mates if they’ve bought “that Eoghan Quigg song”, the best version of this classic needs to get out there.

Buckley earned his first US No1 posthumously in March after JASON CASTRO performed the song on American Idol.

If the Yanks can turn Buckley’s version into a chart smash, so can we.

From Fackbook:


We’ve been reported on by mainstream media all over the world, brought Buckley thousands of new fans, seriously challenged Cowell, given Cohen a nice Christmas present and most importantly, got a track that hasn’t been released for 14 years to at Number 2 in the Christmas week charts without any of the support other artists get… you’re all pretty amazing!

Just to make it clear:
1. We’re not attacking Alexandra.
2. We KNOW the money goes to Sony! It isn’t about the money.
(And no, the money from Jeff’s version DOESN’T go to Cowell!)
3. We know Leonard Cohen wrote Hallelujah!!!
4. We aren’t annoyed ‘just because it’s a cover.’


Also, please join the group’s page so you can receive updates on how the campaign is going!

Following the rather depressing news that this year’s X factor finalist will be covering Leonard Cohen’s beautiful ‘Hallelujah,’ I think everyone should download the Jeff Buckley version, instead of buying the inevitably soulless version churned out by Simon Cowell’s Crimbo flash in the pan.

This is not a group intended to make cruel or derogatory remarks about any participants in this years X factor, but if you love Buckley’s version, let’s make sure everyone forgets the pale imitation as quickly as possible.

We can make this work, and make a huge statement against the barrage of cynical manufactured pop dirtying up our charts. I am willing to download this version the week the X factor version comes out, and I know others will be too.

To make this as easy as possible we have posted the download links below: – unencumbered high quality 320k mp3 89p (that’s what I’m getting next week). – cheaper but semi-crippled WMA (windows file) only 49p – 79p but DRM AAC file from Apple

Near the bottom, 69p.



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Oct 12

Yes! Britney’ BACK!!!

SPECULATION can now be laid to rest over whether or not BRITNEY SPEARS deserves her princess of pop crown back.

The Toxic singer clearly looks sensational in her new video for upcoming track Womanizer – and she’s got the moves to match.

We brought you a teaser earlier in the week, but now you can watch the video in FULL below.

 YouTube Preview Image

But, how can she treat that poor bloke like that hes quite fit!

Brit transforms into three sexy characters, including a seductive secretary and a rock-chick waitress.

She dons a short black bob while performing a lapdance in an office and is later seen in nightwear as a real-life Britney.

The video premiered for the first time in the US last night and was immediately posted on YouTube.

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Jun 17

Bo Fo’ Sho

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Bo Burnham’s latest hit is so off the hook the beat is a dialtone.

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

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May 12

More China earthquake News photo and video update please visit here:
China: At least 62,664 dead in killer earthquake (update 25th May)
Satellite and Helicopter Photos of china Earthquake area and Quake lake

Tianshui city, Gansu province.
An Chinese photographer took this picture 2 hrs b4 12th May China earthquake.


YouTube Preview Image

May, 09,2008, 2 days b4 this chinese deadly earthquake, somebody took those photo in Linyi, Shandong province, east China, which you can see lot “line-shaped” cloud, and somebody spot it is Earthquake Cloud and predicted a 6+ earthquake will happen within 2 days, but they dont know where. Of course, nobody believe them that time. Then, 12, May, a 7.8 earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan province, west China.

Here is those Earthquake cloud’s photo:

China Earthquake cloud
China Earthquake cloud
China Earthquake cloud
China Earthquake cloud
China Earthquake cloud
China Earthquake cloud
China Earthquake cloud
China Earthquake cloud
China Earthquake cloud

Original source: (chinese) And

Unusual animal behavior

9th,May, thousands frogs cross road near earthquake area.

More China earthquake News photo and video update please visit here:
China: Up to 8,500 die in killer earthquake

Earthquake cloud

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Earthquake cloudsIn chapter 32 of his work Brihat Samhita, Indian scholar Varahamihira (505 – 587) discussed a number of signs warning of earthquakes: Unusual animal behavior, astrological influences, underground movements of water, and extraordinary clouds occurring a week before the earthquake.

Since 1994, Zhonghao Shou, a retired Chinese chemist living in New York, has made dozens of earthquake predictions based on cloud patterns in satellite images, and claims to have a 70% accuracy. Stress and friction in the ground can vaporize water long before the earthquake happens, according to Shou, and clouds formed through these mechanisms are distinctly shaped. He has identified five different types of earthquake cloud, including “line-shaped”, “feather-shaped”, and “lantern shaped” clouds. He claims that an earthquake will take place within 103 days of the appearence of one of these clouds, and that the average time is 30 days. On December 25, 2003, one day before the Bam earthquake, he predicted an earthquake of mag. 5.5+ within 60 days over a fault line in Iran.

Historical records have indicated a possible correlation between clouds and earthquakes in the ancient civillizations of Rome, India, and China.

Curious cloud formations linked to quakes

CAN unusual clouds signal the possibility of an impending earthquake? That’s the question being asked following the discovery of distinctive cloud formations above an active fault in Iran before each of two large earthquakes occurred.

Geophysicists Guangmeng Guo and Bin Wang of Nanyang Normal University in Henan, China, noticed a gap in the clouds in satellite images from December 2004 that precisely matched the location of the main fault in southern Iran. It stretched for hundreds of kilometres, was visible for several hours and remained in the same place, although the clouds around it were moving. At the same time, thermal images of the ground showed that the temperature was higher along the fault. Sixty-nine days later, on 22 February 2005, an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 hit the area, killing more than 600 people.

In December 2005, a similar formation again appeared in the clouds for a few hours. Sixty-four days later, an earthquake of magnitude 6 shook the region (International Journal of Remote Sensing, vol 29, p 1921).

Guo and Wang suggest that an eruption of hot gases from inside the fault could have caused water in the clouds to evaporate. Another idea is that ionisation may be involved: Friedemann Freund at the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, recently demonstrated that when rocks are squeezed, positively charged ions form in the air above. The trouble is that ions usually help to form clouds, not dissipate them.

The authors say that if recognisable cloud formations precede large quakes, they could be used for prediction, but other seismologists are sceptical. “There is no physical model that explains why something would suddenly occur two months before an earthquake, and then shut off and not occur again,” says Mike Blanpied of the US Geological Survey’s Earthquake Hazards Program.

From issue 2651 of New Scientist magazine, 11 April 2008, page 12

are clouds claimed to be signs of imminent earthquakes. The analyses of earthquake clouds as a form of earthquake prediction are generally not accepted by seismologists and other scientists.

More China earthquake News photo and video update please visit here:

China: At least 62,664 die in killer earthquake

satellite and helicopter photos of china earthquake

Chinese couple’s wedding photo when the earthquake struck

Earthquake In China Unnoticed By Google?

Earthquake cloud, Chinese photographer catch prediction 2 days before earthquake occurred

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May 10

Hahaah! He didn´t do the full monty! 😉

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Apr 20

Your so gay, and you don’t even like boys/PENIS lol

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From Youtube:

Official music video for hit song Ur So Gay by Katy Perry. Directed by Walter May.
The video is about her EX-BOYFRIEND… So she’s making fun of HIM, not gay people, not barbies, not anything else : just him…
get offended if you want but go and comment on someone else’s video. i’m tired of people who don’t take this humour and make 3mile-long rants about this song, but passively allow a lot more important things.
i just don’t want to start debates here. cause it’s not the place. not cause i’m not open minded.
the thing is i don’t agree with the fact that some words are misused just because “things evolve” cause it leads to make important things seem banal… but well.
THIS is “just a song”, “just a video”, “just a rant about 1 particular person”, “just a big joke”. and doesn’t need to be the support/reason of a pro-homosexual campain.

to be honest, i myself never use the word “gay” to talk about an homosexual…
And yes, it’s “my” video, i do what i want with your comments. i don’t delete all of them, certainly NOT all the negative ones, just the ones starting never ending useless debates cause youtube is not a place for that.
or anyway THIS video is not.
 YouTube Preview Image


I hope you hang yourself with your H&M scarf
While jacking off listening to Mozart
You bitch and moan about LA
Wishing you were in the rain reading Hemingway
You don’t eat meat
And drive electrical cars
You’re so indie rock it’s almost an art
You need SPF 45 just to stay alive

You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like boys
You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like…

You’re so sad maybe you should buy a happy meal
You’re so skinny you should really Super Size the deal
Secretly you’re so amused
That nobody understands you
I’m so mean cause I cannot get you outta your head
I’m so angry cause you’d rather MySpace instead
I can’t believe I fell in love with someone that wears more makeup than…

You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like boys
You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like…

You walk around like you’re oh so debonair
You pull ‘em down and there’s really nothing there
I wish you would just be real with me

You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like boys
You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like
Oh no no no no no no no
You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like boys
You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like… PENIS

Amazing song :)  and the video is hilarious!

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Apr 19

GHD ad

Ghd ad: the ASA ruled it was likely to cause offence

A TV ad campaign featuring lingerie-clad women praying for beautiful hair has been banned by the advertising watchdog because it might offend Christians.

The series of three TV ads, created by ad agency TBWA Manchester for beauty firm ghd, had an overall religious theme using the strapline “Ghd. A new religion for hair”.

Ghd’s ads showed scantily-clad women in various positions, such as lying on a bed, while looking upwards with their hands clasped as if in prayer. Some had objects that looked like votive candles and rosary beads.

Viewers could hear the thoughts of each of the women, in various languages including English, which centred on having great hair.

One woman was thinking “May my new curls make her feel choked with jealousy”, while another was saying to herself “May my flirty flicks puncture the heart of every man I see”. At the end of each ad an endline ran: “Thy will be done”.

The Advertising Standards Authority received a total of 23 complaints, including one from the Archdeacon of Liverpool, objecting that the ads were offensive to the Christian faith.

The complaints particularly highlighted the use of the phrase from the Lord’s Prayer and the depiction of the letter “t” as a cross in “thy”.

The ASA said that while previous ghd campaigns did not “mock” faith or belief, the new ads went further with the women appearing to be praying while being erotic.

The ad watchdog decided to ban the ad because the eroticised images in conjunction with religious symbols and the phrase “Thy will be done”, as well as the letter “t” as the cross of Jesus, were likely to cause serious offence, particularly to Christians.

Martin Penny, the managing director of ghd, said that the ban was perplexing, adding that the company had used the phrase “a new religion for hair” for seven years with little problem.

“We have a loyal following of women and the ads were, in fact, produced by an all-female creative team,” he said. “It has nothing to do with religion really, if it was more people would have complained.

“There are far more erotic things in Nuts or on Page 3 if that’s what people like. It is a fashion ad which is tasteful and sensitive. The ASA seem to be frightened of their own shadow.”

GHD: New Religion in Hair Care (Thy will done)

GHD: new religion for hair commercial

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Apr 07

Madonna is HOT
she looks better than Britney Spears!
and Britney is 26 years old and Madonna is 50! danm!

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